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Why Data, Focus and Follow-Through Are Shaping the Future of Supply Chain

The proverb that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step might seem like an amusing paradox for supply chain professionals. On the one hand, the road to digital maturity is daunting, […]

Supply Chain Revival: Turning Crisis Into Opportunity

If the last two years taught supply chain companies anything, it’s that resiliency and preparation for times of crisis is the only way to build long-term sustainability in the marketplace. The industry is facing make-or-break […]

Mental Health in the Supply Chain: Truckers are on the Brink

The last two years have been tough on the supply chain and logistics industry. There were stages of panic buying, an intensified shift toward online shopping, shortages of drivers, vaccine logistics, and so much more. […]

Supply Chain Crunch Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better, but Visibility Can Help

There’s no doubt that the supply chain story of 2021 was congested ports and driver shortages. Never before had the words “supply chain” and “logistics” appeared in so many national headlines. It will likely dominate […]

How Events in China Will Affect the Supply Chain

What’s Happening in China Right Now Has Effects on the Supply Chain China remains the world’s largest manufacturer, producing trillions of dollars worth of goods each year.  So whenever there are disruptions in the supply […]

How Visibility and New Rules Can Help 3PLs Minimize Holiday Cargo Theft

The high-volume, high-speed holiday shipping season typically brings risk, but with supply chains stretched to their limits, theft could be an even bigger problem than usual as thieves try to take advantage of the strain.  […]

Overhaul Stops Theft Of $1M Worth of Cargo in Tennessee

There has been a significant increase in cargo theft incidents since the global pandemic began in 2020, especially in the state of Tennessee. Tennessee is North America’s most recent hot spot for cargo theft and […]

A Volatile Global Supply Chain Faced with Increasing Cargo Theft

While the health and safety of the public is a rightful top concern during the global pandemic, the spread of COVID-19 isn’t the only issue we are facing as a result of the widespread outbreak. […]

The Need for Increased Visibility Across Global Shippers: A Study on the Suez Canal

We all heard about it. It was breaking news in every country around the world; The Great Blockage in the Suez Canal. In March of this year, the Ever Given, a 20,000 TEU container ship, blocked […]

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