Moving & Fixed Asset Management

Gain next-generation visibility and control over all your assets — wherever they are — with Overhaul’s moving and fixed asset management solutions.

Next Generation Visibility and Control

Eliminate wasted time spent searching for assets and identify all in-transit and in-yard assets instantly – down to the parking space. Overhaul connects assets, distribution centers, yards, and in-transit shipments to our global visibility platform for a single unified view of your logistics program.

Expand your visibility

Whether managing assets inside the distribution center or out in the yard, visibility of your assets puts you back in control. Combine asset visibility with shipment and product-level visibility to improve efficiencies across your logistics operations.

Work in sync

Bring together fleet, yard, logistics, and customer service teams to work from a single source of truth. Choose an asset, prep it remotely, and provide updates to customers all from the same tool.

Drive down costs

Improve every single asset’s ROI by maximizing asset utilization, balancing your fleets, and reducing detention and dwell time.

Boost leasing revenue

Boost your profit margins by maximizing the potential of your leasing program. Use visibility to quickly see what assets are out for lease today and what assets should be out for lease tomorrow and adjust accordingly.