IOT device management and fulfillment services

Maintain strict regulatory compliance and integrity requirements to help meet your time and temperature sensitive, security, and logistics needs. Overhaul tests, selects, and connects you to better technology and better data that is purpose-fit for your business. 

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You demand better insights, we supply them

Overhaul works with you to fulfill devices to origins faster and empower your platform with better data. Our expert team sources, tests, validates, and routinely audits device technology to connect you with the best solutions on the market. Then, when newer technologies become available, we enable you to switch hardware without switching your platform interface. We’re also device agnostic, which means we use the most appropriate devices to meet customer needs. 

1. Consult

Our expert team can consult on which devices best suit your requirement. We consider the product, shipment type, transportation mode, location, and global network communications type (i.e. 3G, LTE). Overhaul also provides device re-calibration and NIST certification services, and our platform operates to FDA CFR21 Part 11 compliant standards.

2. Fulfill

Managing global logistics of hardware devices can be time-consuming and resource-straining for your team. Overhaul ensures you have the right number of devices in the correct location in a timely fashion, all at the right cost efficiency. 

3. Connect

Overhaul is device mode and node agnostic - we will connect to any of your chosen IoT devices for data tracking. Should you require us to supply, we have a diverse profile of hardware devices that can measure anything. The devices we procure are NIST traceable and compliant with various international standards. We can also provide calibration and NIST certification services where applicable.

4. Manage

Our team manages the entire process of getting devices where they need to be globally with import and brokerage services. After a delivery, we manage return logistics to maximize device return efficiency and optimize device turn ratio. This helps you manage overall program costs and create a more sustainable program.  

The value of our IoT device management platform

Overhaul provides the best IOT deployment and fulfillment services in the world. Our IoT platform has helped numerous companies simplify their processes and increase productivity. We make it easy to remotely manage devices in the field and return individual devices when they’re no longer needed.  

Average device performance achieved by a Fortune 50 company
YoY decreased net lost ratio of devices for a Global Enterprise
Decrease in lost device fees across all lanes
YoY decreased net lost ratio of devices for a Global Enterprise
Increase in device tracking compliance in one quarter by Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company
Cost savings associated with lost device fees reported by a global consumer electronics company
0 days
Average time-to-value from onboarding to shipment monitoring

Planning your IoT project

An IoT device management program needs a strong foundation. For this reason, Overhaul takes a five step approach to all device fleet fulfillment planning.  

We start with a use-case consult and solution scoping, followed by IoT testing and verification. We’ll then work with you to map data flow and create your device fulfillment plan. Finally, if applicable, we’ll help you figure out device reverse logistics. 

With this strategy, we’re able to deliver the unique solution your business needs to make the most of your data. 

The benefits of Overhaul's remote device IoT solution

Partner with Overhaul to connect to higher quality data and streamline your device connection and fulfillment. We enable you to maintain strict regulatory compliance, integrity, and security standards. This allows you to get your products and shipments to market faster, more safely, and at a better cost.  

Better data to light up your platform

Overhaul’s Device Management and Fulfillment service improves the quality, transparency, and timeliness of data, all at a reduced cost. We source the IoT technology to help you remove data gaps and eliminate latency issues. This information is key to monitoring time and temperature sensitive products and meeting your security and logistics needs. 

Several shipping containers which could be better managed with IoT devices.

Achieve business impact with purpose-fit technology

Overhaul’s device agnostic supply chain visibility and security solution provides you with the best quality data for your supply chain. Combined with our expert-led device service, you’ll achieve key business results. We’ll help you improve cost savings, reduce loss to theft and non-conformance, and even improve network collaboration with partners. 

Different industries, one adaptable solution

Different industries have different needs, but Overhaul’s solution is flexible. We can deliver GPS tracking, temperature, light, humidity, shock, and other sensor data for your connected devices. Whether you’re looking to improve logistics, enhance security, or ensure compliance, our IoT device management solution is here.  

Logistics service providers have complex supply chain ecosystems. They need flexibility to scale visibility based on their customers’ unique standards of care. Our IoT management service supports logistics use cases such as: 

  • Enhanced visibility into status of shipments to proactively respond to disruptions and delays. 
  • More accurate ETAs to support customers’ on-time delivery requirements. 
  • Enhanced visibility into carrier performance to help reduce penalties, late fees, and assign cost to responsible party. 
  • Better logistics data that customers can layer into their existing internal monitoring programs. 

Read more about our solutions for LSPs. 

Cold chain customers must adhere to strict regulatory compliance and product integrity standards. Product spoilage is a real threat, but it’s also a preventable one. Overhaul helps meet cold chain needs by: 

  • Providing devices that support immutability of electronic data and help remove any gaps in chain of custody. 
  • Aggregating devices that were internally validated through your independent device testing and auditing processes.  
  • Integrating with your business’ devices, sensors, tags, and probes.

    Read more about our cold chain solutions

Security professionals must protect their high-value loads from theft, pilferage, tampering, double brokering, and loss. Overhaul’s IoT device management helps these professionals overcome security challenges by:  

  • Providing device tracking for light, tilt, drop, and other theft indicators, such as open doors.  
  • Offering compliance support that can directly influence security and product quality. 
  • Ensuring devices arrive to the right person at the right time, both for fulfillment and returns. 
  • Interacting with our other technology to send real-time threat alerts and keep you aware of risk. 

Read more about our risk solutions.  

What our customers have to say about Overhaul's IoT device management solutions

Overhaul helps you connect to the best IoT device technology for your supply chain. Experts in security, cold chain, and logistics all agree: our IoT management gets the job done. When you need to covertly place devices in a trailer, Overhaul’s technology is the answer. And if your products are sensitive to shock, tilt, or pressure, our devices are there to keep you aware. 

Resources for IoT device management

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