Comprehensive supply chain compliance

From driver data to documentation, Overhaul streamlines every aspect of compliance with regulatory and shipper requirements.

Keep on the right side of standards and regulations

Use Overhaul to monitor key shipment, asset, and driver data as your logistics operations move across territories and industries. The unified compliance dashboard, automated alerts, compliance checklists, and user-friendly performance monitoring help you hit KPIs and prevent breaches.

Take control of supply chain compliance

Unified compliance dashboard

Overhaul brings together data from all your sensors, connected devices, and service providers, so you have a holistic view of the rules and status for every shipment. In-built documentation simplifies compliance management for GDP, FMD, MDR, DSCSA, and more – as well as for shipper requirements.

Driver-friendly design

Your drivers are driving your supply chain; Overhaul is designed to make their lives easier. It’s plug-and-play and user-friendly. And it gives them all critical information, compliance checklists, evidence, and shipment information in one place

Compliance performance monitoring

By giving you dynamic intelligence from across the supply chain ecosystem, Overhaul helps you monitor and improve critical KPIs in real-time – from carrier, origin, and in-transit compliance to OTP, ETA at risk, GSOC response time, and theft recovery rate.

Automated, proactive compliance alerts

Is cargo integrity at risk due to a temperature deviation? Is a driver at risk of arriving late? Is temperature-controlled packaging nearing end-of-life? Overhaul uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to anticipate and help prevent issues that could cause compliance breaches.


How we help

Through strategic digitalization and dynamic intelligence, Overhaul streamlines driver, freight, and wider supply chain compliance.

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