24/7/365 risk monitoring

We have your back, every hour of every day. And we don’t just monitor risks – we offer corrective responses and provide proactive security, greater compliance, and more efficient communication.

Sector Specialists

Proactively protect your supply chain

Our comprehensive risk monitoring service combines best-in-class expertise, technology, and data. Overhaul’s client support specialists are trained in security response and resolution: they’re always watching.

Our visibility platform monitors compliance in real-time based on rules specific to your shipment and standard-of-care requirements. Dynamic intelligence means we monitor each shipment’s environment and status to identify existing risks and predict future ones. If an issue arises, we take corrective action – with global law enforcement and private security links ensuring rapid responses and high recovery rates.

Around-the-clock expert monitoring

Leverage our multi-region security operations centers, state-of-the-art advanced intelligence center, and global incident response and recovery capabilities.

Real-time visibility

Gain complete peace of mind knowing there’s up-to-the-minute knowledge of your shipment’s location and compliance with standards of care.

Dynamic intelligence

Benefit from a deep understanding of your shipment’s context in real-time, enabling us to pre-empt issues and mitigate potential risk factors.

Rapid response and recovery

Prevent theft and improve recovery rates thanks to our global law enforcement links and extensive response capability across shipment routes.

Our impact

From our 4 regional hubs, we’ve monitored millions of shipments and recovered millions of dollars worth of cargo for our customers.

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Shipments monitored
0 Million+
Corrective actions taken
Incidents responded to
0s of Millions
Worth of cargo recovered