24/7/365 shipment risk monitoring

Cargo safety is a journey, and it requires constant risk monitoring and intervention. Overhaul provides proactive security, compliance support, and real-time alerts to enable corrective responses. We have your back, every hour of every day, in every place and situation. 

Proactively protect your supply chain

Overhaul’s comprehensive shipment risk monitoring service combines best-in-class expertise, technology, and data. Our client support specialists are trained in security response and resolution. You can rest easy knowing they’re keeping a watchful eye over your in-transit shipments and are always ready to intervene. 

Expert monitoring around the clock - and world

Leverage our multi-region security operations centers, state-of-the-art advanced intelligence center, and global supply chain incident response and recovery capabilities. Overhaul is able to track shipments 24/7/365 throughout Mexico, Brazil, Europe, the US, and more.  

Learn more about our global intelligence. 

Your eagle-eye in the sky

Effective visibility must be both granular and far-reaching. With Overhaul, you'll get pinpoint, precise data as well as more general insights and visibility. And because our data comes in real-time, you'll have up-to-the minute alerts against risk. 

Learn more about the importance of real-time visibility.  

Better data for better shipment monitoring

Overhaul's data is detailed, expansive, and accurate. These insights enable you to pre-empt issues and mitigate potential risk factors. You can also more quickly respond in the moment and learn to address evolving risks.  

Learn more about our visibility solutions. 

Alerts against other risk events

Cargo theft is a big concern, but it's not the only hazard on the road. Overhaul will help you identify other risks, including everything from road closings to natural disasters. 

Learn how Overhaul can help your supply chain prepare against inclement weather. 

Improve compliance, decrease risk

Overhaul’s visibility platform monitors compliance in real-time based on rules specific to your shipment and standard-of-care requirements. We provide insights into each shipment’s environment and status to identify existing risks and predict future ones. You’ll gain complete peace of mind with up-to-the-minute knowledge of your shipment’s compliance with standards of care. 

Safe multimodal transportation

Different modes of transportation have unique compliance needs. With Overhaul, you'll gain full visibility into rail, air, ocean, and road shipments to help you identify and prevent risk. 

Learn more about our multimodal transportation visibility

Industry-specific shipment risk monitoring

Whether you're a pharma company with perishable products or a high-tech company with in-demand shipments, we can help. Our solutions will alert you to temperature deviations, drops, tilts, and more.  


Learn more about the industries we support

Improved performance for logistics service providers and carriers

Retain visibility over your shipments after pickup. Our compliance solutions ensure logistics service providers, carriers, and shipping companies meet and exceed your standards of care.  

Learn more about our LSP and carrier performance solutions

Enable real-time corrective action

A good risk mitigation strategy requires contingency plans in the event that something goes wrong. If an issue arises, Overhaul takes corrective action to connect with global law enforcement and private security links. This ensures rapid response and high recovery rates. 

Intelligence alerts and risk profiles

Not only does Overhaul provide 24/7/365 risk monitoring, we also offer global intelligence alerts and personalized risk profiles. This intelligence helps support business continuity and better security controls by keeping you ahead of risks in the supply chain. 

Learn more about Overhaul's Intelligence as a Service. 

Law enforcement support

Overhaul's law enforcement connections enable us to better understand and react to unique supply chain risks. Through these relationships, we're able to identify suspicious activities, prevent theft, and improve recovery rates. 

Learn more about law enforcement's role in cargo theft recovery. 

How Overhaul's solutions provide a competitive advantage

Overhaul has monitored millions of shipments and recovered millions of dollars’ worth of cargo for our customers. Our four regional hubs and global expertise mean 24/7/365 monitoring worldwide. 

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Shipments monitored
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Corrective actions taken
Incidents responded to
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Worth of cargo recovered
Reduction in theft attempts
Recovery rate of stolen goods
The importance of monitoring for risks within your supply chain
The last thing a company wants to do is try to recover from a theft or other loss. Preparedness is key to staying safe, and that means actively monitoring and reacting to risks. With our support, shipping risks decrease, and active risk events are swiftly addressed. But risk monitoring is about more than preventing risk - it's also about increasing productivity, cutting costs, and proving value.
Keeping a shipment safe means saving time and money on recovery efforts. Preventing theft and damage helps ensure product quality. And showing stakeholders you're prepared against risk means better insurance incentives and customer trust.
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Resources for shipment and supply chain risk monitoring

The relationship between risk and cargo insurance coverage

Risk monitoring is the first step to preventing theft; cargo insurance is the last defense. Learn how risk monitoring and management solutions interweave with insurance to provide a holistic solution.


ASIS Europe 2023: from risk to resilience.

Security in the supply chain remains a weak link. Here's an overview of our recent ASIS Europe presentation about how to create a strong cargo security program.


What rising pharmaceutical cargo theft signals about risk

Recently, a FTL pharma load was successfully stolen in the US. This theft could have a rippling effect not just for healthcare but other industries. Here's what your company needs to know to stay prepared. 


Overhaul introduces RiskGPT, an AI-powered solution for real-time risk mitigation.

After a risk event is identified, RiskGPT helps ensure it's handled correctly. Learn more about Overhaul's unique artificial intelligence solution for identifying and responding to risk events.

HDA PCSC: Overhaul’s anatomy of a theft recovery.

A successful cargo theft recovery requires coordination, communication, and quick thinking. In the event that a shipment is stolen, here's what you need to know to help get it back.


An investigative approach to cargo theft investigations

True management of risks involves knowing how to respond when things go wrong. Learn more about how Overhaul goes beyond risk monitoring to help aid in cargo theft investigations and recovery.

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