Visibility technology for high-tech supply chains

Your high-tech company requires robust supply chain visibility and risk solutions. Overhaul’s advanced technology is here to help. With Overhaul, consumer electronics and technology companies stay proactive with intelligence on supply chain disruption, in-transit risk, and in-transit inventory management. This allows you to focus on what matters: your customers’ satisfaction and continuity of your supply.  

How Overhaul delivers solutions for high-tech supply and consumer electronics logistics

When it comes to maintaining exceptional customer service standards, the last thing you need to worry about is where your products are and if they are safe. Overhaul saves you time and supports your business goals through real-time visibility. Our predictive ETAs and upstream visibility solutions identify any risks that might impact your goals. We also actively mitigate risk and monitor your shipments every step of the way so you don’t have to. 

Visibility and security of your products and brand

Your core objective is to get your products to consumers, ensure retailers’ shelves are stocked, and meet demand planning targets. Overhaul helps you get there with in-transit shipment updates across any mode with predictive ETAs. 

Our platform, your GSOC

Our Platform provides your global or regional security monitoring team with all the tools needed to manage your operations. We help you auto-detect anomalies so you can alert your monitoring teams to risk and take immediate corrective action. 

Outsourcing GSOC? Look no further

Overhaul’s Fusion Hub is your GSOC partner. Our team of highly skilled watch officers monitor your shipments 24/7/365 and are the first line of action in the event of an issue. We have coverage around the world for shipments and can connect you with local law enforcement

See the future

Not only will Overhaul step in when trouble arises, we’ll give you a heads up when it might be ahead. We provide freight risk alerts when approaching red zones and rest areas. We also keep you up to date on any current events that might impact your route, so you can stay ahead. 

Overhaul's impact on electronics and high-tech supply chains

Overhaul’s real-time visibility platform layers risk management and security to provide 24/7/365 monitoring and proactively eliminate risk. When non-compliance and risk strikes, Overhaul’s Fusion Hub acts in real-time to ensure that shipments continue safely along their journey.  

Woman walks through cargo and looks at digitized information, showing how supply chain technology is the future of supply chain management.

Cutting edge supply chain tools for the high-tech industry

Here’s how Overhaul helps electronics supply chain managers meet and exceed their goals.  

Recovery rate on at-risk shipments
Successfully avoided cargo crime attempts
Countries of operation
Customer recommendations
Increase in on-time and in-transit compliance
Minute maximum response time*

Chosen by global supply chains for electronics logistics solutions

The electronics industry is a prime target for theft and other risks. High-tech is in high-demand, and companies need holistic supply chain strategies to proactively prevent their products from being stolen. With Overhaul, you’ll get the logistics services you need to detect and avoid risk while meeting and exceeding KPIs. 

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