Custom-made for your industry

It’s important to have a solution that works exactly how you need it to and provides you with the results you’re looking for. At Overhaul, we understand your industry and have tailored our solutions to work for you by making them simple-to-implement without costly upfront investments.

Food & Beverage

Gain control, maintain quality, and improve customer satisfaction with real-time visibility and security. Predictive ETA’s and real-time quality control for perishable products reduces spoilage, pilferage, and protects your bottom line.

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Retail, Consumer Goods & FMCG

Use real-time visibility to enhance your logistics processes for greater efficiency and on-time performance. Transparency in your supply chain is key to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. In volatile markets and with ongoing disruptions, insights and real-time information have never been more vital.

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Maintaining continuity of supply, avoiding production line downtime, and managing global distribution requires real-time inbound and outbound visibility. Increase the efficiency of your manufacturing center with dynamic intelligence and actionable insights. 

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Consumer Electronics & Technology

Overhaul’s predictive ETA’s and upstream visibility identify any risk that might impact your goals. Stay proactive with intelligence on supply chain disruption, in-transit risk, and in-transit inventory management. Get time back to focus on what matters: your customers’ satisfaction and continuity of your supply. 

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

When it comes to healthcare logistics, quality, traceability, and integrity are the top priorities. We know how important your cargo is. Keep it safe, secure, and compliant with Overhaul’s unique suite of products.

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