Protect your in-transit cargo

We have a motto at Overhaul: cargo at rest is cargo at risk. We provide risk management in layers and our number one goal is theft prevention. However, should an in-transit theft occur, we have seamless security solutions to aid recovery.

Logistics theft prevention and recovery

Let’s face it, cargo theft is on the rise. From road, rail, or drayage, the risk for theft has never been higher. We take this seriously and rely on proven methods to protect our customer’s cargo in real-time. Further, when a theft does occur, we’re often the first responders to a situation and can aid in up-to-the-minute recovery operations with law enforcement around the globe.

Use data to your advantage

Years of data collection and analysis have trained our systems to know the difference between a simple stop and one that could provide access for bad actors. The Overhaul platform is built on layers of information around high crime zones, route timing, tampering alerts, truck and trailer connections, driver identity, manifest details and more.

Cross-border operations

Whether your routes are state to state or country to country, we protect your cargo every mile of the way. Understanding regionally unique challenges, such as the difference between US to Mexico or Italy to Germany, can help us determine the best solutions for your needs. Further, our global law enforcement partnerships aid in recovery faster by getting to the exact officers needed instead of bouncing between contacts in various zones, regions or countries.

Virtual crime fighters

Our team is on full alert 24x7x365 in order to address any alerts or thefts that may occur, especially during higher crime seasons around national and global holidays. From our multiple security operations centers around the world, they are attuned to every shipment we monitor and actively engaging when needed. A simple call to a driver for more information or jumping into action for minute by minute updates helps our customers gain a peace of mind that their cargo is taken care of.

Our impact

Overhaul provides the best cargo security solution in the world. See our stats for yourself.


Our recovery rate for FTL cargo theft.


Projected shipments tracked and protected in 2022.


Recovery in first season with Overhaul for International Tech Giant.

What our customers say

We’re proud to have long-standing and successful partnerships with companies across healthcare and life sciences, consumer electronics and technology, logistics and transportation, manufacturing, retail and consumer goods, and food and beverage.