In-transit food and beverage logistics

Gain control, maintain quality, and improve customer satisfaction with in-transit visibility and security for your food and beverage supply chain. Predictive ETAs and real-time quality control for perishable products reduces spoilage and pilferage while protecting your bottom line.

Overhaul's solution for in-transit beverage and food products

Overhaul provides insight into delays or transportation issues that may impact production. Food and beverage logistics data, coupled with proactive risk management, allow you to fix issues quickly and reduce impact on your profit margins. 

Maintain ideal product temperature

Keep everything at the optimal temperature during transportation with temperature-controlled packaging. If something deviates, spot it early with proactive alerts via our time-and temperature-sensitive monitoring. 

Increase compliance

Raise carrier compliance and on-time delivery performance. With Overhaul, you’ll reduce late penalties and dwell time while streamlining communication to customers with dynamic ETAs and SKU level visibility. 

Stop spoilage

Gain insight into a chain of custody audit trail including temperature-controlled packaging pack-out data, which preserves product integrity. Our solution also enables remote control for refrigerated items and embedded temperature reporting.  

Device supply and fulfillment

Take advantage of our device agnostic solutions for temperature monitoring. We test all devices and recommend the best ones to suite your use case, then manage fulfillment. We also help you outsource sending monitoring devices back to origin and managing return logistics. With our help, you’ll maximize your return rates for cost-savings and sustainability.  

Food and beverage cold chain logistics

Keeping track of perishable products in a supply chain is essential for ensuring product quality. Food-safe handling procedures are non-negotiable, and Time and Temperature Sensitive (TTS) best practices are a must.  

Product visibility to preserve food and beverage quality

Overhaul helps monitor high-value shipments, including pharmaceutical cargo loads. We know what it takes to keep even the most vulnerable cargo safe. With our food and beverage cold chain logistics, you'll have the visibility to do the same for your own shipments. 
Learn more about our product integrity solutions.

Insurance for food and beverage cargo



Overhaul proactively tries to avoid risks, but we also understand the value in preparing against worst-case scenarios. Even when you do everything right, sometimes, a shipment still gets damaged or stolen. With our insurance solutions, you can rest easy in the event that your food and beverage shipment spoils or is otherwise lost, all while reducing your premium cost. 

Read more about our insurance solutions 

Blue, orange, and green drinks in plastic meant to show how food and beverage logistics are needed across multiple companies.

Food and beverage logistics resources

Mexico Annual Cargo Theft Report 2022

Food and beverages consistently top the list of products stolen in Mexico. As nearshoring continues to take off in the region, it's important to understand why these thefts occur. In turn, you'll be better equipped to spot theft events and keep your cargo safe.

Photo of trucks on highway in Mexico, meant to symbolize the trend of nearshoring in Mexico.

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