Solutions for the food and beverage industry

Gain control, maintain quality, and improve customer satisfaction with real-time visibility and security. Predictive ETA’s and real-time quality control for perishable products reduces spoilage, pilferage, and protects your bottom line.

What can we do for you?

Connecting your logistics ecosystem provides insights into upstream and downstream operations to manage supplier performance and mitigate delays and production downtime. Proactive risk management allows you to fix issues quickly, reducing impact downstream and on your profit margins.

Keep things cool

Time and temperature-sensitive monitoring provides proactive alerts and temperature control packaging validation keeps everything at the optimal temperature during transportation.

Increase compliance

Raise carrier compliance and on-time delivery performance, reduce late penalties and dwell time, and streamline communication to customers with dynamic ETA’s and SKU level visibility.

Stop spoilage

Remote control of refrigerated items, embedded temperature reporting, and a chain of custody audit trail including TCP pack-out data enhances product quality and integrity.

Device supply and fulfillment

Outsource sending monitoring devices back to origin and management of return logistics, maximizing your return rates for cost-saving and sustainability.