Visibility and risk monitoring solutions for logistics service providers

Improve efficiency, compete for high value loads, and cut down on costs. By partnering with Overhaul, you’ll get the confidence to compete for new business while driving incredible ROI. 

How Overhaul helps logistics service providers win more business

Overhaul’s real-time transportation visibility and risk management solutions enable logistics service providers to pursue previously off-limits markets. And because we’re a wholesale insurance broker, we provide lower insurance premiums and improved profits on each load. With our help, you’ll increase retention, exceed expectations, and stay best-in-class – all while enjoying cost savings. 

LSP shipment visibility and compliance

Real-time transportation visibility is the base layer of our solution. By consolidating all of your data across your customer network, you can track shipments in a single, unified view. Not only does this cut back on time, but it also makes it easier to manage your compliance needs. 

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LSP risk monitoring

Overhaul provides local law enforcement connection for quick theft recovery. We also deliver freight risk alerts for red zones, rest areas, local unrest, and double-brokering activities. All of this means safer cargo, which in turn means loss prevention.  

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LSP insurance solutions

Unlock cargo insurance products that pre-emptively reward you for engaging with Overhaul’s real-time transportation visibility and risk management technology. With Overhaul, you’ll reduce your losses, pay lower premiums, and experience a 3X program ROI in the first few weeks. 

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Why work with Overhaul?

Increase your total addressable market

Many LSPs need a specialized security program to do business with products such as tobacco and ammunition. Our business model secures these products to give you a larger addressable market and grow your customer portfolio.

Provide industry-leading service

All the expertise in managing logistics networks means nothing if you’re unable to apply your skills where they’re needed. Let us oversee your shipments in transit so you can give customers the best experience possible.  

Gain a competitive edge

When you choose Overhaul as your risk management partner, you’re providing added value to your customers. Less risk means less hassle, less worry, and overall, more efficient transportation. 

Save on insurance

Insurance underwriters understand the value of Overhaul’s risk monitoring solutions. By working with us, you’re proving that you take risk seriously, which means you’ll pay less for cargo insurance.  

Providing world-class solutions for logistics service providers

Whether you’re a motor carrier, broker, 3PL, or 4PL, Overhaul’s solutions adapt to fit your specific needs. Our actionable insights will help you mitigate risk, improve compliance, and reduce insurance and technology spend.  

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