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We don’t do things the way they’ve always been done. We’re the first online marketplace built on trust,
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Our advanced security features mean you won’t just have access to qualified drivers, you’ll also have visibility into every aspect of your cargo’s journey and enjoy significant cost reductions.

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It’s time to improve cash flow, lower your operational cost and grow your business. Overhaul opens the door to faster payments, higher-value loads, performance incentives, fuel discounts and more.

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We overthink every detail

We’ve built in the features that every shipper and driver
needs to make everyday pain points a thing of the past.

Connect to premium cargo

Drivers never find higher-value loads online. Until now. We’re bringing together premium shippers and quality drivers, resulting in cost savings and increased earnings.


For drivers, deadhead is dreaded. So, our mobile app puts opportunities front and center wherever they are for maximum hauling.


Our drivers get online payments within seven days of final delivery and partial payments during transport, which can eliminate factoring. They’ll also receive a fuel card for savings at the pump.


Our screening and security process, robust business tools and generous incentives bring the best drivers to Overhaul and to shippers of premium cargo.

Get visibility at every step

When the stakes are high, visibility is a must. We offer tools to monitor cargo from pick up through final delivery and security protocols to ensure the journey is uneventful.

Gain unmatched security

Safety and security is our top priority. Overhaul’s technology drives simple, yet critical, behaviors to create a trusted transportation environment at a significantly lower cost.

The tools to overachieve, right from your phone

Coming soon! Download our mobile app to try out some of Overhaul’s FREE features. Go ahead, turn your smartphone into a lean, mean hauling machine.

Route planning

Enter your final destination and we’ll get you there and include points of interest along the way.

Driver assistance

You can get help by sending an alert to other Overhaul drivers within 50 miles of your location, all from an in-app button.

Pit stops

We’ll let you know where truck stops, weigh scales and even Walmarts are when you’re en route.

Smokey alerts

Post "smokey alerts" to let other Overhaul drivers know that you’ve spotted an active law enforcement vehicle in your area.

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From our latest news to the latest innovations in
our industry, you’ve come to the right place.

Overhaul CEO Commentary – A Look at Logistics & Uber June 06, 2016 | 5 Comments

We recently sat down with our CEO, Barry Conlon, to discuss the topic of Logistics and Uber as we ran across an article by Rob Howard, CEO at Grand Junction, titled “Why Every Logistics CEO Should Fear Uber”. Here’s a short excerpt from the article: “As more and more folks use Uber and other providers […]

How to Prepare for High-Theft During Holidays May 24, 2016 | 0 Comments

Extended holiday weekends are documented, high-risk, periods for those that ship any type of goods – be that of high value or something of a lesser nature. All types of cargo thieves, whether organized or not, are very active during these periods because most of us are not – as we tend to relax much […]

The Impact of Technology in Trucking – A Blog Series Part 2 May 10, 2016 | 0 Comments

So, how will technology truly help the commercial trucking industry you ask? Good question. Technology has the biggest impact on someone’s situational awareness which has a direct impact on their bottom line. Knowing what’s around you and having supply and demand of something that can be instantly available to you saves time, money and makes […]

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Customer testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say about Overhaul
and what we’ll mean for their business.

Keith (Daddy) 5.23.16 014_Cropped

The Overhaul product is very well thought out, operationally solid and most importantly has the right people at the helm. The efficiency of the Overhaul platform will revolutionize the way transportation gets done in the future.

Keith Harring,
Fleet Owner, Bethel, Pennsylvania

Overhaul will radically change my business in a positive way! It could potentially improve my bottom line by giving me access to higher margin cargo I could never dream of pulling and provide me with the tools I need to effectively manage my business – where do I sign?

Ed Bell,
Owner Operator, Georgia

I am convinced Overhaul is a game-changer for Owner Operators looking to take their success to the next level. With all the features needed to efficiently plan or route your trip, plus the major bonus of access to the best paying loads, Overhaul will be a quick and proven winner!!

Frank Allingham,
Owner Operator, Ontario, Canada

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