Pharmaceutical logistics technology for your shipment's well-being

When it comes to healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, logistics, quality, traceability, and integrity are the top priorities. Overhaul’s data and device-agnostic platform helps drive improvements that strengthen your supply chain. This makes it easier to deliver life-saving products to patients safely, in compliance, and on time.

Why choose Overhaul to oversee your pharmaceutical logistics?

Gain greater visibility and security to proactively monitor and keep your pharmaceutical and healthcare freight safe and compliant. Overhaul works with logistics service providers and partners so customers have a consolidation of all their data in one place, including carrier, 3PL, and device. Whether it’s vaccines, cell gene therapy, medical devices, or life-saving medicines, we have the expertise to monitor your shipments in real-time. 

Experience proactive and responsive support via Overhaul’s Control Tower

Gain real-time alerts regarding temperature excursions, double brokering, co-loading, tampering, and logistics delays. Overhaul doesn’t just help you respond to risk issues but also quality integrity concerns. With the help of our Control Tower, you can manage non-conformances by exception and take action to prevent loss, spoilage, and theft. We’ll also help you plan alternative courses of action when unforeseen events occur

Easily incorporate our technology solutions

Overhaul is data and device-agnostic, which makes implementation and integration simple and cost effective. You can bring your own device or work with us to find one that fits your needs. Our single unified view also makes it easy to manage all your shipments, whether time- and temperature-sensitive or not. Additionally, our solution removes data gaps and inaccuracies, eliminates latency issues, and reduces the cost of accessing better data.

Streamline chain of custody audits & CAPA investigations

Overhaul is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and complies with various regulations and requirements, including 21 CFR Part 11, GDPR, and GxP to ensure data protection and integrity. Our adherence to the security and privacy framework of NIST SP 800-53 further demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest level of security and privacy for our customers.

Learn how to identify and prevent cargo thieves

Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment are highly-prized by criminals. They can easily be sold on the Black Market, and their high-value makes it simple for a criminal to make off with a sizable profit from a single load. Overhaul helps you identify high-risk locations and better understand theft trends involving pharma products. In worst case scenarios, we can also help you rapidly respond to lost or stolen cargo via our AI-backed RiskGPT and law enforcement connections.

Confirm temperature compliance in-transit and at destination without comprising your cargo

Check product temperature in-transit without having to open packaging. Overhaul enables you to scan a QR code on your pallet at any point along your route in order to spot temperature deviations. This code can also be scanned at the delivery location in order to access the consolidated temperature logs for fast analysis and the ability to reject or accept the delivery. This also makes it easier for you to immediately know when your product has been released to customers.

Pharmaceutical supply chain solutions for time- and temperature-sensitive products

Along with avoiding theft and delays, pharma companies have to worry about maintaining product temperature. A single unaddressed temperature deviation can leave your shipment unusable for thousands of patients, or more. With Overhaul, you’ll instantly see the remaining time for your temperature-controlled packaging’s shelf-life, which enables decisive action. 

Learn more about our time- and temperature-sensitive solutions. 

Pharmaceutical insurance solutions

When a pharma shipment is lost or stolen, its products are often unusable. The goal is always to prevent this from happening, but when it does, Overhaul is here to help.
Our insurance solutions are a healthy investment for protecting yourself from financial risk. Coupled with our risk monitoring, you'll have the tools you need to proactively prepare against and immediately respond to theft.
Here's how insurance plays a key role in pharmaceutical supply chain management.

Creating healthier supply chains

Implementation with Overhaul is quick and easy, and our solutions help reduce loss while maintaining product quality. Here’s what the numbers have to say.

Average customer time to value
Estimated loss ratio reduction
Average increase in in-transit compliance
Reduction in temperature-controlled shipping costs for a vaccine distribution
Perfect order delivery with zero spoilage by a global cold chain distributor

How Overhaul's pharmaceutical supply chain software makes a difference

Overhaul helps you handle shipments with care so that you can provide better care for your patients and clients. Pharma logistics services make it easier to keep track of your products and ensure they arrive safely and on time. Our pharmaceutical supply chain software solutions also give pharma companies the support they need to gain a competitive advantage. 

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