We source.
We test.
We deploy.
We manage.

Best in class and fit for purpose, Overhaul’s IoT Assess and Deploy service designs, manages, and implements in-transit logistics IoT strategies. Globally.

Fully committed to a device agnostic approach, IoT Assess and Deploy is a fundamental pillar of our real-time visibility and risk management platform. We only work with best-in-class devices, and conduct our own rigorous testing and use case analysis to ensure they fit with our client’s requirements. Unlock IoT success for your business and maximize your data potential with a solution that provides seamless device management and strategic telematics integrations.

The IoT landscape is complex and overwhelming. Let Overhaul manage it for you. 

Announcing the Intelligent Door Seal Solution

Bluetooth and GPS technology come together with the Overhaul platform to create a smart door seal, the first in the industry. A better, more reliable alternative to traditional light alerts.

Impartiality and independence are our cornerstones

Downtime is not an option.

Whether we’re bringing in new devices or working with what you already have, Overhaul knows that lengthy implementation processes don’t work when you’ve already got shipments moving.

Average device performance
Increase in tracking compliance in one quarter by a pharmaceutical company
Cost savings associated with lost device fees reported by a global consumer electronics company
Decrease in lost device fees across all lanes

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IOT device management and fulfillment services 

Logistics service providers embody varying services, expertise, and business models. Ever-changing innovations, mergers, acquisitions, and digital strategies create competition for market share that is fierce and growing. Your business needs differentiation. Balancing the role of vendor and customer can be a dance, but we’re a good partner.

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