The Overhaul Partner Ecosystem

Where collaboration drives innovation

Partnering with like-minded companies to enhance supply chain resilience around the world. Prioritizing impactful solutions over conformity, together we can address complex supply chain challenges and drive change.

Tackling complex supply chain
challenges together.

The Overhaul Partner Ecosystem includes supply chain/logistics technology, insurtech, device manufacturers, marketplaces, systems integrators, and LSPs. Through the program, partners gain access to Overhaul’s advanced technology and expertise to enhance their supply chain security and efficiency. With every new partner we welcome, the entire network experiences a surge of benefits stemming from the connective strength of our collaborative efforts.

Each partner has the opportunity to actively contribute to driving change. Synergy within our ecosystem lies in our ability to address diverse problems to resolve larger-scale issues: we’re more powerful if we work together. By collaborating with a diverse range of partners, we foster holistic communication across various streams, ensuring comprehensive solutions for the broader supply chain. 

Partnership success stories:

reduction in cargo insurance rates
program ROI
2500 %
saved in 6 months due to reduced theft attempts and cost optimization
$ 0 M
device return rate
days time to value
reduced theft attempts
0 %

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