We are industry experts with a unified vision to enhance visibility, security, safety, and integrity around the world.

Together our team has thousands of years of experience in supply chain innovation, leadership, and strategy. We’re here to solve our customers’ most pressing problems, and we’re well prepared for the challenge.

Our Leadership Team

Barry Conlon

CEO and Founder

David Broe

Chief Operating Officer

Karin Stevens

EVP, Chief Marketing and Product Officer

Andy Fletcher

Chief Technology Officer

Amy Campbell

Chief People Officer

Mike Mcspedon

SVP, Sales

Frankie Mossman

Chief Customer Officer

Pat Stoik

Chief Risk Officer
David Warrick, EVP of Enterprise at Overhaul Supply Chain Visibility Software

David Warrick

EVP, Enterprise

Shaughn Simmons

Chief Financial Officer

David Braunstein

GM, Insurtech

Jonny Ryan

SVP, Technology

Our advisory board

Jim Preuninger

John Prosser

Tracy Schmidt

Ryan Ziegler

Jared Doskow

Our team

Amy Shortman

VP, Product Marketing

Bart Schulman

VP, Sales

Jennifer Bluemling

VP, Global Marketing

Joe Ryan

VP, Fusion Center

Kelly Precsewski

VP, Client Success

Nicholas Heikkinen

VP, IOT Technology and Operations
Pat Flynn-Cherenzia

Pat Flynn-Cherenzia

VP, Enterprise

Ronald Greene

SVP, Intel & Fusion Center

Sara Lieser

SVP, Strategic Partnerships

Tarik Sarhan

VP, Business Development

Yancy Harlow

VP, Information Technology