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Overhaul provides timely, accurate cargo security intelligence to protect in-transit shipments and keep you ahead of threats. We offer global and personalized risk assessments to help you see and respond to warning signs in advance and real-time. 

From global supply chain intelligence reports to real-time bad actor alerts

Overhaul offers three levels of support to help you identify the hazards and risks facing your supply chain: Cargo Crime Intelligence, Risk Intelligence, and Threat Intelligence. This breakdown allows you to choose the intelligence solution that best fits your risk management strategy.  

Overhaul's unique and proprietary supply chain data and intelligence

Overhaul provides the intelligence information you want and need to take action. Thanks to our industry and law enforcement relationships, Overhaul can access data from an incredible number of public and private sources. When combined with our first party data and our team’s knowledge of criminology and statistics, we’re able to spot trends early and confirm with confidence. 

With Overhaul, you’ll get a macro- and micro-view of your risk landscape, real-time data, emerging threat alerts, and more. This information doesn’t just keep you aware, it also keeps you compliant with government programs like Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and demonstrates to stakeholders that you’re aware of the latest threats. 

We also deliver world-class data and insights for countries like Brazil and Mexico. As more and more companies choose network diversification or to nearshore throughout these countries, our data is invaluable. 

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