Maintain product integrity, gain peace of mind

Products need to get to their destination in peak condition, but you can’t manage what you can’t measure. As cargo moves outside of a shipper or 3PL’s typical networks, visibility significantly decreases. With Overhaul’s temperature, timebound countdowns and tilt and shock alerts, you‘ll proactively manage your shipments to keep them safe and in compliance while maintaining product integrity.

How Overhaul helps companies meet their product quality goals

We care about your products just as much as you do. Ensuring they are delivered ontime and to the right place is critical, but how they arrive is equally important.

From the moment products leave your warehouse door, Overhaul is monitoring every step of the way. Throughout their journey, Overhaul identifies and alerts your team to allow management by exception, mitigating the impact on your supply chain.

Our secure and compliant data provides you with a traceable, auditable, physical process. Through the aid of our visibility solution, product integrity is maintained and product quality and regulatory standards are met.

Take action before things go awry

Proactive management in real-time puts shipments back into conformance. In turn, CAPA (Corrective and Preventative Actions and Security Investigations) is reduced, which means lower costs. 

Lessen the impact of recalls

Recalled products can't be returned to the supply chain. Our system can help you locate products that need to be recalled immediately and secure those products in segregated areas. We'll also alert you to any movements so you can keep your inventory safe and reduce the risk of products getting into a customer’s hands. 

Data that makes your job easier

Stay on top of the latest regulations and adhere to them better. Our data-driven insights allow for continuous improvement of your compliance. 

Protect your brand

Reduce product loss and increase supply chain security. Overhaul helps prevent theft in-transit and keeps counterfeit materials from entering into the legal supply chain. 

Quality control is the goal

When you have highvalue or fragile cargo, standards of care increase. Provide your customers with whiteglove service and the confidence that their goods will arrive in the condition they left. Increased visibility and enforcement of standing operating procedures mean you’re in control, 24/7/365.

Seamless cold chain adoption

With realtime product temperature monitoring, you’ll be able to track just how cold your product is throughout the entire journey. If the mercury rises, you’ll get an alert so you can step in before the product spoils.

Several trucks and cargo in a lot. They're meant to represent how coordination of multiple companies and data is integral to the future of logistics.

Co-loading awareness

Stay in control by knowing where your cargo is and that no other products are picked up along the way. Overhaul’s visibility platform monitors compliance measures and can notify if coloading is suspected.

Identify and prevent double-brokering

Ensure the brokerage you hired to handle your shipments doesn’t offload your products to another company. Overhaul will alert you of suspected doublebrokering and help you immediately intervene.

Picture of stacked containers, meant to symbolize potential Black Friday supply chain shipments.

Stay in compliance

Between the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, Falsified Medicines Directive, EU’s Medical Device Regulation, and Good Distribution Practice (and many more), keeping track of the various rules and regulatory obligations is impossible. Overhaul offers visibility into the reports you need to help your cargo stay compliant.

Time-and temperature-sensitive products

Timeand temperaturesensitive products need extra care and attention. Overhaul provides added
visibility into your TTS products, helping you ensure they maintain a high level of quality.

TTS Countdown Timer

With our TTS Countdown Timer, you'll instantly gain insight into your temperature-controlled packaging’s shelf-life. This enables you to make quick decisions and take action.

TTS Checker App

Use our TTS Checker App to complete spot checks and confirm plans by reviewing vital temperature and device metrics.

Driving product integrity for our customers

We’re proud to have longstanding and successful partnerships with companies across various industries. Along with helping you maintain product quality standards, we strive to deliver high-quality solutions. Our exemplary customer service, range of consumer products, and overall product performance set us ahead of other RTTVPs.

"Overhaul has been a very dedicated vendor. We use their services to ensure the integrity and viability of our product, watching the temperature and location of our sensitive shipments around the world."
Security and Risk Management Professional

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