Overhaul Sentinel New Feature: Countdown Timer for Time & Temperature-Sensitive Shipments

For shippers and third-party logistics providers transporting time-and temperature-sensitive products, the Overhaul Sentinel platform provides situational context and insights into cargo condition while in transit. Based on the set standards of care for products being transported, an intelligence-driven rules engine makes immediate decisions to notify appropriate parties about non-conformance and take real-time corrective actions to mitigate risk.

Those responsible for time- and temperature-sensitive products know that no amount of insight is too great when working to maintain the quality and integrity in transit.

Connect Temperature-Controlled Packaging with Real-Time Visibility & Risk Management

The Overhaul Sentinel platform has now been enhanced with a new countdown timer feature specifically for those using temperature-controlled packaging. The timer begins a visual countdown and provides an audit trail by capturing the packer’s information, date and time, to further help mitigate risk to time- and temperature-sensitive shipments.


How Does the Time and Temperature-Sensitive Countdown Timer Benefit Shippers & 3PLs?

  • Optimizes Operations

    The countdown timer defines chain of custody and provides an audit trail of information on when the pack out was completed and by whom, allowing operations optimizations.

  • Prevents Delay-Related Risks

    When delays occur in transit, the countdown timer allows for smart decisions to be made quickly to maintain product quality and integrity.

  • Enables Cost-Saving Opportunities

    The countdown timer reduces risk which would result in CAPA-related costs and helps uncover whether temperature-controlled packaging is over-engineered, potentially resulting in further cost-savings.

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