About us

Centuries of experience, a future filled with innovation.

Overhaul was founded in 2016 with the vision of providing a single, unified view for in-transit logistics. Today, we’re moving beyond visibility with the goal of empowering all of our customers to have world-leading supply chains.

Our roots are in Ireland, where Celtic mythology represents eagles as wise omens, often as special messengers that deliver warnings and premonitions. And that’s who we are: always watching, with technology that provides a bird’s-eye view of your supply chain ecosystem – ready to alert you to any trouble ahead.

But we do more than alert you: we take that aerial view and turn it into action.

That way you don’t just see where risk exists, you can inject real-time corrective responses. This ability to course-correct is what gives you peace of mind, creates measurable efficiencies, and develops stronger relationships that build a robust safety culture.

Our vision

To empower our customers to have world leading supply chains.

Our mission

To enhance visibility, security, safety, and integrity by transforming data into actionable outcomes.

Our foundation

Industry experts and creative problem solvers committed to a culture of trust, authenticity, and encouragement.

Our technology

An always-on, SaaS solution that enables truly transformational supply chain visibility and risk management.

Meet our team

Together, our team has thousands of years of hands-on experience in supply chain innovation, leadership, and strategy. We’re here to solve our customers’ most pressing problems – and we’re well prepared for the challenge.


Overhaulers work in offices and remote locations around the world, connected by a common goal to turn innovation into action. We believe in hard work and a scrappy attitude – and with our progressive advancement opportunities, you’re well-rewarded for it.