Increase driver visibility. Reduce driver risk.

The power of moving products through the supply chain will always be held by people. A major component of the workforce falls to drivers who are the crux for delivering products on-time and in-full. Unfortunately, drivers are human and can have error. Now you can gain control with the industry’s first app-based technology to monitor, identify, and correct risky behavior.

Driving behavior starts with driver culture

Drivers have a lot to gain in the post-pandemic supply chain world. With employee shortages, wage increases, and higher demands, it can be hard to keep the best talent on your team while also meeting compliance regulations and keeping driver associated costs down. Now you can ease the friction between drivers and fleet managers when a risky behavior is identified and needs coaching with in-app alerts and lessons instead of hard to address phone calls.


Our driver safety app can complement data from your ELD and camera systems to create a robust driver safety solution. By combining these layers of risk management, and fueling our system with more data points, you can get real-time alerts sent to drivers when they stop instead of correcting hours or days later when the incident is long forgotten.


Protect your company from the fallout of poor driver behavior, theft, and other events that were previously out of your control. Gain full visibility into what’s happening across your fleet without having to install any hardware. With a simple app download, you’ll be able to identify and correct safety risks like hazardous driving and theft.


Say goodbye to searching through filing cabinets and the nightmare of paperwork. All of your critical documents related to insurance, maintenance, and safety will be managed in one digital location. You’ll be able to handle administrative tasks like filing a claim with a simple click of your mouse.


Demonstrate a safety culture that will put insurers on your side. Maintain complete records of driver coaching, maintenance performed, and claims to make insurance renewals easier to manage. Showcase your safety culture to insurers to ease significant insurance premium increases.

Our impact

Drivers, Fleet Managers and Companies all Benefit with TruckShield by Overhaul.

Average customer reduction in FMCSA scores in first six months
Reduction in harsh driving events: rapid acceleration, hard braking, etc.
Reduction in speeding events within six months

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