Real-time supply chain risk management

Knowing about risk is one thing – knowing what to do about it and being able to act swiftly is another. With Overhaul, you’re proactively preparing against risk and gaining resources to combat supply chain disruptions and theft.  

Visibility insights for risk management in real-time

Overhaul’s solution offers corrective actions and predictive insights to preserve on-time compliance and drive in-full metrics. Pre-determined compliance deviations automatically detect and alert you to risk events. 

Identify and avoid transportation risks

Save time identifying non-conformances and let Overhaul flag them for you. We’ll help you transform disparate sources of data into actionable insights that provide corrective actions. 

  • View & analyze all inbound and outbound shipments simultaneously 
  • Receive instant alerts for high-priority events 
  • Predict potential risks, such as weather, traffic & temperature changes 
  • Log events, correct those events, & communicate notes all in SUV 
An image of Overhaul's Risk GPT feature.

How Overhaul enables transportation risk management strategies

Overhaul’s supply chain risk management software solution gives you more than just alerts and assurances. It enables you to anticipate, manage, mitigate, and even transfer risk so you can correct threats and develop opportunities. 

Automated, proactive risk alerts

Overhaul gives you more than just dots on a map. Its real-time risk management gives you dynamic intelligence, so you can anticipate risks and take corrective and preventative action.

Unified, real-time view

Overhaul’s always-on software gives you a single, unified view of what’s happening to shipments and assets in real-time. It’s true situational awareness.

Overhaul LE Connect

Overhaul’s in-transit connection enables law enforcement to deploy immediately if there’s a theft, providing the insight they need to track, secure, and recover lost cargo.

Multi-layered security

Leverage your IoT data to take security to the next level. This includes 24/7/365 monitoring, plus added protection from features like instant alarm notifications that let you lock cargo in place.

Mitigating risk in supply chains

Our solutions and services are designed to help you achieve the best outcome while responding quickly to avoid the worst. 

24/7/365 risk monitoring

Overhaul provides around-the-clock expert monitoring to protect your supply chain across the globe. Our regionally-based Watch Officers offer corrective responses, proactive security, greater compliance, and more efficient communication. 

Safety and driver behavior management

Ease the friction between drivers and fleet managers when risky behavior is identified and needs coaching – in a way that retains top talent. Driver behavior starts with driver culture, and our solution helps you increase driver visibility and reduce driver risk. 

In-transit theft prevention and recovery

Prevention is always our aim, but if an in-transit theft occurs, we ensure you’re prepared. In cases of theft, Overhaul enables swift, seamless recovery. Thanks to our extensive and secure links with law enforcement, we're able to get help on the case fast. 


How we help

Our solutions and services are designed to help you achieve the best outcome – while responding quickly to avoid the worst.

What Overhaul customers have achieved

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you have a complete view of dynamic supply chain risks – and can act before they cause problems.

Reduction in theft attempts

Our software links to law enforcement, enabling immediate deployment.

Cost savings from digitalization

Easy-to-implement automation removes risk from human error.

Recovery rate

For FTL cargo theft thanks to Overhaul’s real-time dynamic intelligence.

What our customers say

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