Delivering long-term retail supply chain solutions

In volatile markets with ongoing disruptions, insights and real-time information have never been more vital. Overhaul enables retail and CPG companies to enhance their logistics processes for greater efficiency and on-time performance. Our solutions are agile, adaptable, and cost-effective, making them ideal for the ever-changing industry. 

Consumer packaged goods deserve great visibility

Protecting your brand means protecting your products, which requires visibility. Greater transparency across your supply chain is also key to meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations. With Overhaul’s help, wholesalers and retailers benefit from real-time insights into ETA and inventory management. As a result, they’re able to improve OTIF (on-time, in-full) metrics, reduce shipping costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Visibility in real-time

See where your products are and if they’re meeting quality and regulatory standards. Our visibility solutions ensure everything gets where it needs to go in the condition it needs to be in. Learn more about how we preserve product quality and integrity. 

Optimize your operations

Ensure your shipments are optimal and risk-assessed the moment they leave distribution centers. Overhaul provides advanced notifications for inbound warehouse management, inventory management, and your customers’ demand planning. Learn more about our 24/7/365 risk monitoring. 

Take control of your data

Data-driven insights help you make intelligent decisions and reduce excess inventory. Accurate ETA notifications keep your customers satisfied and support OTIF goals. Learn more about our compliance solutions.

From port to the last mile

Overhaul offers multimodal visibility to track your cargo anywhere on its journey. We also provide in-transit traceability and chain of custody evidence. Learn more about our real-time multimodal transportation visibility. 

Why work with Overhaul?

Overhaul is the ideal solution for retail and CPG companies who are looking to optimize their operations. Our visibility and risk monitoring keeps shipments safe and on schedule, and our compliance support helps you hit all-important KPIs. We also offer insurance as a last defense against cargo theft. 

Always evolving
Retailers understand the importance of adapting to industry trends and always being one step ahead. Overhaul's solution is scalable and can evolve to fit your needs.
The latest technology
With Overhaul, you get cutting edge retail supply chain solutions like our AI-powered RiskGPT to help streamline operations.
Sustainable and dependable
Overhaul's sustainability initiative helps you do right by your customers, your business, and the larger world.
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The solutions you need for CPG logistics and retail cargo

Overhaul’s CPG and retail clients benefit not just from supply chain visibility, but also risk management, compliance support, and insurance. Consumer demand plays a unique role in our own operations, and we always strive to provide the solutions our customers need. Together, we’re empowering the industry to become more secure, more transparent, and overall deliver better supply chain execution. 

"Overhaul rose to the challenge. The entire team dug in and delivered exceptional results. The company and quality of the employees are far superior to other track and trace vendors I have used over the last 15 years."
Supply Chain Security Leader
Communications Equipment company

Resources for retail supply chain solutions and CPG logistics

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