Real-time supply chain multimodal transportation visibility

Whether it’s air, ocean, road, rail, or last mile, Overhaul provides seamless connection between modes in over 170 countries globally. Our ability to track shipments goes beyond what is possible with IoT device sensors or telematics alone.

Complete visibility solutions for complex supply chains

From theft at ports to hazardous road conditions, there’s so much to be aware of during multimodal transportation. Overhaul’s industryleading visibility enhances the effectiveness of our risk management platform for multimodal shipments. With our help, you’ll gain deeper insights into port activity, air freight, and rail and road transportation. You’ll also ensure a smoother and more reliable transition of shipments between modes.

Identify and take action against risk

Overhaul's TTS Countdown Timer helps you monitor temperature-controlled packaging. The timer captures information concerning when a pack out was completed and by whom. It then presents a visual countdown and audit trail to keep track of chain of custody and mitigate risk.

Quickly and easily manage inventory

Overhaul gives you upstream and downstream insights with PO-level shipment visibility, simplifying and streamlining inventory planning.

Improve carrier management

Thanks to our holistic network view and data-driven insights, Overhaul customers make dramatic improvements to carrier compliance.

Reduce fees and dwell time

Real-time container visibility and port intelligence helps you decrease dwell time and manage hidden
and erroneous detention and demurrage fees.

We make multimodal transportation in supply chain management easy

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Modes of transportation

Air, ocean, and road transportation each require unique support. When you combine transportation modes, your support needs change yet again. But with Overhaul’s solution, you’ll gain realtime alerts and data to act quickly and decisively, no matter your transportation system.

A bird's-eye view of risk for air transportation support

Overhaul offers visibility into all aspects of your flight, including departures and arrivals. We also provide proactive notifications to alert stakeholders of delays, last minute offloads, temperature deviations, or missed or cancelled flights. Our predictive ETAs are enriched with on the ground data, which makes them more accurate in realtime.

Stay above water with insight into ocean shipments

Reduce costs of detention and demurrage fees with container visibility and port delay insights. Our container milestone data helps you keep better track of pickup and dropoff locations via reporting and timestamps. You’ll also receive alerts when a container is loaded, arrived at seaport, and more.

Prevent bumps along the road during OTR transportation

Take advantage of Overhaul’s comprehensive visibility solution for your road freight. Receive ETA notifications for general freight, as well as alerts for exceeded wait times or RedZone or HotZone violations. You’ll know when a shipment leaves and arrives or experiences a route deviation, and with the added benefit of risk monitoring, you’ll mitigate intransit pilferage and theft.

Rally against rail risks and ensure on-time deliveries

Rail has become a cheaper alternative for moving cargo, and cargo criminals have taken advantage of its lack of security. Overhaul’s visibility and risk monitoring solutions keep you alert and prepared. Our devices can detect light and identify container breaches while tracking products removed from conveyance.

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