Cold Chain Quality Solution

Know the symptoms of poor compliance through enhanced risk + quality management

Designed specifically for time and temperature-sensitive cargo, Overhaul’s Cold Chain Quality Solution ensures optimal conditions throughout the supply chain.

Our life-saving formula :
visibility + risk management

savings in spoilage prevention for healthcare manufacturer
$ 0 M+
reduction in temperature-controlled shipping costs for vaccine distributor
0 %
perfect order delivery with zero spoilage by a global cold chain distributor
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A holistic risk management solution for companies shipping time and temperature-sensitive cargo.

Cold Chain Certified IoT

  • IoT Assess and Deploy service manages everything from device selection to inventory and reverse logistics
  • Device agnostic platform: bring your own devices if preferred
  • Wide selection of devices designed specifically for any temperature use case
  • Track your shipment quality with the best IoT data available, and save on internal resources

Cold Chain Workflows and Alerts

  • Designed to monitor product quality, safety, and on-time performance in real-time
  • Configure multiple settings based on specific product requirements, all in one view
  • Reduce the number of devices needed to capture multiple temperature settings on each shipment
  • Proactive risk alerts notify customers when temperatures have breached thresholds in real-time so you can take immediate action

Quality Control Tower

  • Gain added protection and peace of mind with 24/7/365 live monitoring services that provide intervention and escalation 
  • Human-in-the-loop proactive intervention and corrective recommendations through AI tools
  • Rest assured that your cargo is monitored and managed by a team of experts dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of quality and compliance 

The Cold Chain Quality Solution in action

Read how we worked with a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Manufacturer to revolutionize their logistics program

  • 96% carrier compliance achieved
  • $100K+ in annual cost savings from eliminating manual check calls
  • Over $6.6B tracked shipment value
  • 99% on-time performance

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