Cargo insurance for logistics providers, shippers, and motor carriers

Brokers and carriers love working with Overhaul to dramatically reduce total cost of risk. Learn more
about our innovative partnerships and cargo insurance programs.

Lower premiums, better cargo insurance coverage

As a technologyfirst company with a wholesale insurance broker operation, Overhaul uses all of our capabilities to keep premiums down via our partnerships and insurance programs. We link realtime supply chain data with insurance, which creates a better understanding of your risk profile. In turn, we enable more competitive programs and coverage tailored to specific needs.

Cost-effective, comprehensive cargo insurance products

Overhaul enables insurance carriers and retail insurance brokers to offer techembedded cargo insurance coverage, improving everyone’s bottom line. Get access to costsaving insurance coverage including streamlined claims procedures.

Logistics Service Providers

LSPs often utilize multiple different security programs across their network, and they need cargo insurance that rewards the LSP's efforts. Overhaul's ability to provide a single source of truth allows our underwriter to offer the most competitive premiums and terms up front. Learn more about our insurance solution for logistics providers here.


Shippers face many risks once their products hit the road. From keeping products secure to avoiding theft or spoilage, there's a lot to keep an eye on. Let us take one thing off your mind and handle your insurance to help you prevent loss of goods. Learn more about how our insurance for cargo benefits shippers here.

Motor carriers

If something happens to the goods under a trucker’s care and custody, they might find themselves liable for damages. Motor truck cargo legal liability coverage protects motor carriers from theft, spoilage, and other road perils. Learn more about our solution for
motor carriers here.

Why Overhaul

Overhaul is much more than a SaaS supply chain solution

Overhaul enables insurance carriers and insurance brokers to offer techembedded cargo insurance coverage that improves everyone’s bottom line. Across our specialist team, we have the experience and expertise to provide not only insurance, but also visibility and risk monitoring.
Our realtime risk management focus is changing the insurance game. We believe insurance must always be part of a secure cargo solution, but it shouldn’t be the first line of defense. Our solution is holistic, and we help you cover all steps to avoid loss. From prevention and intransit risk mitigation all the way to load recovery and insurance coverage, Overhaul provides support.
How insurance carriers benefit

Overhaul helps insurance carriers reduce loss ratios and improve underwriting profitability. We also
enable underwriters to better understand their risk, which results in more competitive programs.

How brokers benefit

Overhaul gives brokers the data and confidence to expand their offering, reach new customers, negotiate reduced pricing, and access Overhaul's specialized insurance products.

What the numbers say


of cargo protected

up to 80%

reduction in loss rates when our full solutions are engaged

Covered events

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