Brokers and carriers love working with Overhaul to dramatically reduce total cost of risk. Learn more about our innovative partnerships and programs.

Lower premiums, better coverage

Overhaul’s technology-based partnerships and innovative insurance programs help keep premiums down in the short and long-term. Using your real-time safety, security, and product integrity data, insurers get a better understanding of your risk profile and can offer more competitive programs. 

Our insurance products

Get coverage tailored to your specific needs by linking your real-time supply chain data with your insurance.

Cargo insurance

Get access to tailored, more cost-effective cargo insurance – including streamlined claims procedures if you suffer loss or damage. Available to logistics providers and shippers.

Commercial auto insurance

Overhaul’s safety-focused technology uses real-time data on driver behavior and miles driven to make the case for lower costs and fairer coverage.

Physical damage insurance

We offer competitive physical damage insurance available as a commercial auto add-on or as a separate policy covering all asset types.

Why Overhaul

Overhaul is much more than a SaaS supply chain solution

Across our specialist team, we share over 100 years of insurance experience. And our real-time risk management focus is changing the insurance game.

How carriers benefit

Overhaul drives down the total cost of insurance – including premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. Businesses can also choose from a range of risk transfer and insurance products.

How brokers benefit

Overhaul gives brokers the data and confidence to expand their offering and reach new customers without increasing risk.