Overhaul Announces Shipment Connect App to Optimize Logistics Operations

 Overhaul, a software-based supply chain visibility, risk, compliance, and insurance solution for the world’s leading brands, has announced Shipment Connect, an application that offers customers unmatched visibility into logistics operations processes.

Tracking cargo from end to end has become increasingly difficult due to gaps in data, dated processes for managing shipments, and incorrect shipment information. Shipment Connect allows customers to instantly create and track digital shipments, connect internet of things (IoT) devices to cargo, and eliminate paperwork without costly integrations. The app, now available on the App Store and Google Play, empowers supply chain professionals to efficiently capture real-time shipment data and scale their logistics operations.

“In this peak season, Shipment Connect is a vital tool for retailers and manufacturers improving data quality and streamlining operations. It provides a transparent view of shipment creation and departure times,” said Karin Stevens, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Overhaul. “Shipment Connect’s user-friendly,  low-code and no-code options facilitate rapid set up of new customer sites or lanes for fast time-to-value, filling the gaps when ERP or TMS integrations face tight timelines.”

Shipment Connect empowers key supply chain roles to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Warehouse managers can digitally orchestrate shipments on-the-fly without paperwork slowdowns. Quality assurance personnel gain photo verification of proper loading for end-to-end quality control. Security staff benefit from cargo status visibility, SOP confirmations, and data to aid in recovery. Overhaul considers theft a failure and its applications like Shipment Connect that help to maintain a 99.9% risk prevention rate on all shipments moving through Overhaul’s platform, arriving at destinations without incident. When thefts do occur, the data is at the recovery team’s fingertips to take action and quickly recover cargo.

Early adopters have seen tremendous results with Shipment Connect. One logistics company used the application to roll out 40 sites across the U.S. within two weeks. A tech giant also used Shipment Connect to expand, opening 23 sites across four countries within a month, giving visibility and driving security compliance for thousands of shipments. Customers’ feedback and involvement in usability testing has consistently guided app improvements, leading to new features and functionality based on their input.

For IT and operations, Shipment Connect means no more waiting on integrations with multiple systems when standing up new sites. The app’s flexibility means customers can instantly configure workflows from site to site across their supply chain. Shipment Connect fills gaps in visibility so customers can better manage logistics workflows, easily connect systems, verify protocols, and secure cargo.

Learn more about how Shipment Connect can expand logistics operations quickly with value-added protection.

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