Real-Time Yard Visibility

Expand visibility into every corner of your yard to speed up arrivals, departures, and quality assurance. Combine with shipment visibility, product-level visibility, and asset management for a single, unified view of your facilities and programs.

An eagle-eye view of your yard

Bring your yard into focus and regain control with yard visibility. With pinpoint positioning down to the parking space in the yard, you’ll get shipments on the truck and out of the gate faster and with fewer resources.

Stop hunting for trailers

Bring trailers directly to you with a single unified view of your yard. Get notifications when they arrive and depart the facility or move to a different area. Visibility extends as wide as your network and as targeted as the parking space.

Reduce driver waiting time

Check drivers in and out faster with arrival and departure alerts. Remote control allows for asset pre-conditioning with the push of a button for smooth sailing from dock door to on-time arrival.

Visualize balance

Plan for what’s coming next with high-level and targeted views. Use yard visibility to identify assets on hand, what’s locked for maintenance or appointments, and make strategic decisions for fleet balancing.

Drive efficiencies

Connect yard visibility with asset, shipment, and product-level visibility to drive efficiencies across the value chain, from the yard to the customer’s door.

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