Scalable Solutions

A scalable platform to meet dynamic and unique needs

Overhaul adapts to the complex needs of a large global supply chain, all the way to a local fleet operator committed to the final mile delivery. We tailor solutions to help you make informed decisions that will lead to better business outcomes, no matter size or scale of your operations. 

Our platform

Built with flexibility in mind

No matter your network, location, device, or need: Overhaul has a solution that fits.

Global Supply Chain Operations

No problem is too big or too small: Overhaul’s solutions adapt to meet the needs of our customers.

Access multi-modal visibility

Overhaul offers visibility across your entire in-transit network with through our carrier and partner data aggregation process, giving you up-to-date information on estimated time of arrivals and inter-modal delays that may impact delivery schedules.

Enable loss prevention at scale

No matter what region of the globe your freight is moving, Overhaul can engage with local law enforcement or private security networks to respond to a potential theft event or product integrity threat. Plus, our system is configured to proactively detect and correct non-compliance throughout the chain of custody.

Manage carrier compliance

Dashboards and configurable reports connecting your SLAs to carrier compliance data to help your evaluate performance of your network alongside your standards of care or contractual expectations.

Get better insurance rates

Overhaul’s risk management technology allows customers to increase cargo insurance coverage while reducing cost. Through our Risk Transfer solutions, simplify the procedure in case of loss or damage, reducing the cost of the losses that do occur.

Avoid product spoilage

90% of product loss while in transit is due to spoilage. Bring data in from existing temperature sources, be alerted and respond to temperature deviations or work with Overhaul to select and manage your sensor/IOT needs for real-time status of product integrity.

Anticipate risk and respond

Stay ahead of unknown risks such as inclement weather, traffic or potential threat of pilferage or theft and in event of security threat, engage Overhaul’s Intelligence and Response team to respond within 5 minutes.

Promote safe driving

Use data provided by Overhaul’s driver safety and monitoring solution, TruckShield, to instantly detect hazardous driving behaviors and have proactive conversations or provide training to drivers that present risky driving habits. 

Understand capacity utilization

Eliminate wasted time spent searching for assets and instead identify all in-transit and in-yard assets instantly. Overhaul connects assets, yard, and in-transit shipments to its visibility platform for a single unified view.

Transportation & Local Fleet Management


We help customers from across the supply chain ecosystem overcome challenges and unlock savings within just weeks of implementing Overhaul solutions.  

Reduced Insurance Rates

A Fortune 50 technology company reduced insurance rates by $2M by demonstrating the impacts of real-time tracking and a significant reduction risk events.

Reduced Costs

Fortune 100 consumer electronics company was able to reduce drayage and detention costs by $5M per year based on Overhaul’s real-time visibility capability and insights.

Reduction in Unsafe Driving

A mid-sized motor carrier leveraged TruckShield  data to bolster their safety and training programs,  resulting in a reduction in unsafe driving based on FMCSA scoring criteria.

Improved Carrier Compliance

A national 3PL/Brokerage improved carrier compliance from 40%/week to 96% in first 8 weeks of introducing Overhaul’s risk management and security capabilities.

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