Stay in control, stay in compliance

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. As cargo moves outside of a shipper or 3PL’s typical networks, visibility significantly decreases and the likelihood of compliance shrinks. Overhaul’s real-time monitoring and alerts let you stay in control no matter where your products are.

Keep your cargo in pristine condition

When you have high-value or fragile cargo, standards of care increase. Provide your customers with white-glove service and the confidence that their goods will arrive in the condition they left. Increased visibility and enforcement of standing operating procedures mean you’re in control, 24/7/365.

Seamless cold chain adoption

With real-time product temperature monitoring, you know just how cold your product is throughout the entire journey. If the mercury rises, you’ll get an alert so you can step in before the product spoils.

Double brokering awareness

Stay in control by knowing where you cargo is and that it stays with the company you hired to move it. Overhaul’s visibility platform monitors compliance measures and can notify if double-brokering is suspected.

Stay in compliance

Between the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, Falsified Medicines Directive, EU’s Medical Device Regulation, and Good Distribution Practice (and many more), it is impossible to keep track of the various rules and regulatory obligations. Overhaul keeps track of it all so your cargo stays compliant.

Un-approved co-loading activity

To meet regulatory and compliant standards Overhaul’s visibility platform can alert you to un-approved co-loading.