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Mexico Q1-2023 Report

Learn about Mexico’s cargo theft trends from Q1-2023 and what they mean for your shipments today. 

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Over the last three months, cargo theft in Mexico has continued to derail supply chains, with a total of 5,068 recorded thefts. Cargo units in transit were especially at risk, as were tanker trucks, or pipa, which were targeted for their fuel.  

Though some trends from 2022 have remained, new patterns are emerging, and it’s important to understand these evolving risks. For this reason, Overhaul has compiled our Q1-2023 report with the goal of portraying the situation faced by road freight transportation during the first three months of 2023. 

With the right data and tools, shipping and nearshoring in Mexico can become safer for all involved. We hope this report will help mitigate the risk of cargo theft affecting the supply chain and aid shippers in understanding how to best protect their cargo. 

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In 2022, cargo theft in Mexico surged, nearly reaching pre-pandemic numbers. Central Mexico was especially impacted, as were several specific product types, including Food & Beverage and Auto Parts. Overhaul’s 2022 annual report analyzed Mexico’s 2022 cargo theft trends in order to help shippers better understand which locations, times of day, and days of the week posed the greatest threat to cargo. We also conducted an in-depth analysis of thefts in the state of Puebla and thefts involving Auto Parts, both of which experienced substantial increases.