Safety and Fleet Management

Fleet management is a dynamic role with millions of data points to manage, from maintenance to insurance claims. Overhaul brings your data together, so you can manage risk with your assets, cargo, and driver behavior all in one place. 

The Overhaul Difference

Cargo doesn’t get from origin to destination by itself. A fleet of the right assets, at the right place, and at the right time moves your logistics operation beyond chaos and toward a streamlined system. We offer real-time visibility and next-generation control of complex transportation ecosystems. By working with us, you’re able to spend less time making phone calls, sending emails, and logging in and out of multiple programs. Instead, spend your valuable time on your teams, customers, and leaders. Visibility of your assets and drivers is the start of continuous process improvements that lead to improved customer satisfaction, better utilization to support growth, fleet balancing, and reduced dwell time. 

Make the most of every trip

With Overhaul’s real-time visibility solutions, you can focus on winning and keeping business. Boost your efficiency with strategic reporting and improve asset lifecycles. 

Smarter scheduling

Cut down on all of the tools, spreadsheets, and paperwork with a digital asset register, trailer tracking, maintenance reporting, and more… all in one place. 

Data-driven decision making

Harness Overhaul’s insights to better run your business. From fleet inventory governance to working with insurance brokers and carriers to lower your insurance premiums, Overhaul’s solutions give you the knowledge you need to take action. 

Take a closer look

See asset location down to the particular parking space in the yard. Reduce dwell time, achieve fleet balancing, and save time by pre-planning. 

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