HDA PCSC: Overhaul’s Anatomy of a Theft Recovery

White truck being loaded at loading bay.


Every year, the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition (PCSC) connects leaders in the pharmaceutical supply chain. This year’s educational event featured several presentations about how to ship and store sensitive, high risk value products.  

One such presentation was given by Overhaul’s Law Enforcement Liaisons John Cannon and Bobby Motley and Sr VP of Intelligence & Response Ron Greene. The trio covered several important steps that should be taken to secure cargo before departure. They also discussed how law enforcement can be of aid when something goes awry. 

HDA PCSC educational seminar 

Cargo theft recovery 

Overhaul’s presentation began with an overview of current cargo theft statistics. In 2022, recorded cargo crime grew by 134%. During that same time period, Overhaul’s successful cargo recoveries increased by 250%, resulting in $25 million in recovered cargo.  

While these recoveries are cause for celebration, they’re not always the reality. When a company lacks the right resources and tools, a theft event can easily lead to loss.  

Initiating a successful recovery 

Data capture and monitoring 

Industries that ship high value products, such as pharma, need to be aware of the resources that help prevent theft. Fortunately, knowledge of supply chain security best practices can prepare your business against risk. 

As a first step, businesses should acquire data about the truck/trailers being used in their shipment. This includes everything from fleet size to identifying information about who will be handling your cargo. 

Additionally, monitoring needs to begin prior to the shipment departure. Specifically, you’ll want to monitor your shipment’s current status and most recent location. You might also need to monitor your shipment’s temperature and any light events that could suggest tampering. 

Working with a partner like Overhaul is the best way to ensure these processes go off without a hitch.  And if something does go awry, Overhaul has the connections and experience to help aid in recovery. 

Law enforcement 

Law enforcement is always meant as a backup when things go wrong. However, part of being prepared means developing relationships with them from the beginning. It’s also important to know how to contact them and what data they need to find your stolen shipment. This can include anything from the aforementioned tractor/trailer information to the location in which your cargo was stolen. 

During a theft event, you’ll only have minutes to understand the situation, and decisions need to be made quickly. This is where visibility solutions shine. You’ll have all the data you need to keep law enforcement informed. And because that data updates in real-time, you’ll stay one step ahead of crime. 

Learn more about the importance of real-time visibility and how Overhaul’s solutions enable pharma supply chains. 


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