ASIS Europe 2023: From Risk to Resilience


ASIS Europe is an annual conference focused on enterprise-wide security. During ASIS, established and aspiring security professionals share resources and intelligence while discussing the role security plays in supporting business objectives.  

This year, the conference theme was “From Risk to Resilience,” and a variety of topics were covered. Some of our favorites included the role of AI in response operations and the security risks caused by geopolitical tensions.  

Overhaul’s own Marco Cosentino, EMEA Program Manager, also gave a presentation: “Security in the Supply Chain: Still the Weakest Link.” During the presentation, he stressed the need for more thorough supply chain security solutions in order to keep goods safe. He also highlighted emerging supply chain threats and offered some solutions.  

To help you better protect your own supply chain, here’s an overview of his presentation: 

Overhaul’s ASIS Europe Presentation 

Security in the Supply Chain: Still the Weakest Link 

Cosentino began his presentation by highlighting some of the biggest global threats trends from 2022. Notably, the US faced an increase in atypical theft types such as facility theft and deceptive pickup. Brazil and Mexico also experienced increases in cargo theft, and risk conditions in both countries are currently severe. 

He then went on to explain how cargo theft in the EMEA region increased by nearly 200% since 2021. The countries with the highest incidence of theft events were Germany, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. 

What Makes a Good Cargo Security Program? 

Cosentino next broke down the essential elements required for a good cargo security program. These included awareness, intelligence, auditing, reporting, response protocols, and adaptability. Unfortunately many organizations are missing several of these components, which leaves their supply chains at risk.  

Cosentino also stressed how security managers often can’t meet supply chain security needs due to budget issues or company culture fit. However, failing to invest in supply chain security can mean even more monetary problems down the line. And a company without a strong security culture is likely to face security pitfalls elsewhere.  

In short, so long as supply chain security remains a weak link, the entire process of securing goods is moot. But how can you build up your supply chain and keep goods safe from theft? 

Building Supply Chain Resilience 

Criminals are innovative and fast to adapt. Your company needs a solution that can keep five steps ahead. A multi-layered approach based on IOT and telematics — with continuous auditing of performance and compliance — is key.  

A list of quick response 24/7 solution protocols for any possible situation can further help mitigate risk. And in the event the worst happens and a shipment is stolen, cargo insurance cuts your losses 

In the spirit of the ASIS Europe conference, let’s continue to build up resilient supply chains. To learn more about how Overhaul is energizing global security efforts for supply chains, reach out to us today.