Overhaul Announces Intelligent Door Seal: An Industry-First Door Seal Solution for Real-time Alerting

Overhaul, a global leader of in-transit supply chain visibility and risk management for the world’s top-tier enterprises, has launched a new offering,  the Intelligent Door Seal Solution.  This marks the inaugural solution, where a smart door seal, incorporating Bluetooth and GPS, is fully integrated into the Overhaul platform.  Users will be immediately notified when a trailer door is opened, addressing a major issue in monitoring and risk detection for clients.

Commonly, embedded cargo devices use light as a determining factor of whether a door has been opened, but that can create false positives and is a less effective solution at night time due to low light levels and cargo criminal strategies to avoid alerting. Coupled with Overhaul’s risk monitoring interface, the Intelligent Door Seal Solution will generate instant alerts giving customers an even higher level of confidence that their cargo is securely monitored.

In 2023, strategic cargo theft, particularly involving cross-docking, escalated by 400% in the US, highlighting a crucial need for improved security measures. The Intelligent Door Seal Solution, a product of Overhaul’s newly launched IoT Assess and Deploy service, marks a significant advancement in the marketplace and demonstrates Overhaul’s commitment to staying at the forefront of cutting edge technology. By identifying and addressing crucial gaps, it sets a new standard, offering a sophisticated alternative to traditional light alerts.

“Our customers have had a consistent need to understand what’s happening with their cargo trailers, especially as pilferage continues to be an issue in the market,” said Barry Conlon, CEO and Founder of Overhaul. “For the past 18 months, we’ve been developing a solution as an answer to those calls and a way to better identify potential theft activities.”

The Intelligent Door Seal Solution can help users understand the timing of deliveries, detention times at ports and secure lots, and other logistics scenarios. Through this real-time use case, Overhaul helps customers understand the complexities of the supply chain and how to leverage different technologies across a wide range of vendors. Overhaul is device-agnostic, which has allowed it to collaborate with other vendors in the logistics space and provide greater value to customers.

“Overhaul is at the forefront of industry innovation,” said KokEe Lian, Global Supply Chain Director at Dyson. “The debut of their Intelligent Door Seal Solution is a game-changer in cargo security. We’re eager to integrate this technology and deepen our partnership with Overhaul, setting new standards in our field.”

The Intelligent Door Seal Solution will be available to Overhaul customers in the first quarter of 2024. An exclusive demonstration will be available at the 2023 TAPA T2 Annual Conference, Dec. 5-6 in Boca, Raton, Florida.

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