Overhaul’s white paper on theft by deception

Cover of Overhaul's theft by deception white paper, including the words "A Strategic Solution to Strategic Theft: Overhaul's guide to identifying and preventing theft by fraud"


Theft by deception, aka theft by fraud or strategic theft, is a growing problem for supply chains. Different from straight theft, strategic theft involves skilled criminals using deception and highly planned, coordinated attacks in order to steal cargo. Unfortunately, many shippers remain unaware of what these crimes look like and how to prevent them. For this reason, Overhaul has put together a white paper concerning how to identify and respond to strategic theft.

In this white paper, we break down the evolution of theft by deception tactics, starting with fictitious pickups and ending with modern-day BOL Altering. We also break down common setups and MOs behind these thefts, as well as the steps involved in logistics operations infiltration. Finally, we explain how criminals benefit from these thefts, why they’re desirable, and how you can take action against them.

We hope our white paper provides a better understanding of this unique and growing risk. We also hope it reveals how an in-transit risk management partner can keep you informed, prepared, and protected against this and other threats.

Learn how theft by deception and other risks shaped supply chains in 2023

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