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United States Q2-2023 Cargo Theft Report

Learn about US cargo theft trends from Q2-2023 and what they mean for your shipments today. 

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In Q2-2023, the US experienced 132 cargo theft events. The average loss value per incident was $428,409, which marks an increase of 55% when compared to Q1-2023. 34% of all thefts involved Electronics products, and hot spots persisted in California, Georgia, and Texas. 

As the year continues, new risks will continue to emerge, and previous theft patterns can help shippers predict and understand what’s ahead. For this reason, Overhaul has released its US Q2-2023 report, which highlights theft trends regarding location, time of day, days of the week, and more. 

With this data, shippers and carriers can optimize their routes and choose the visibility and risk monitoring solutions that best protect their cargo. We hope our report helps you gain a better understanding of Q2-2023 cargo theft trends in the US, what these patterns mean for the months ahead, and our recommendations for how to safely transport cargo through the country.  

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In 2022, the US experienced a 29% increase in cargo theft incidents, with a total of 1,090 recorded events. The average value of thefts also increased by 58%, with hot spots emerging in California and Texas. To help shippers prepare against these risks, Overhaul's 2022 US Report compiles data concerning US cargo theft trends throughout 2022.

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In total, Overhaul recorded a total of 142 theft events during the first three months of 2023. Nearly a quarter of these involved Electronics products. The average loss value across all incidents was $291,946, which is 41% higher than the Q4-2022 average. These numbers show definitively that the US is facing ongoing risks that must be taken seriously.


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