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US Q1-2024 Cargo Theft Infographic and Special Report

Learn how cargo theft trends in the US evolved during Q1-2024 and what they mean for your shipments today. 

In Q1-2024, Overhaul recorded 11 cargo theft events with a total value exceeding US $1,000,000. This represents a significant increase compared to Q1-2023, where only one event was recorded with cargo worth higher than US $1,000,000. The value of these 11 events accounted for 49% of the Total Loss Value in Q1-2024. 

In order to keep the supply chain informed and prepared against risks, Overhaul has put together an infographic detailing where, when, and how these theft events transpired. Additionally, the infographic shows how these trends compare to previous years and details a recovery case involving electronics. 

As the theft of electronics and other high-value goods in the US continues to grow, shippers must be aware of the unique risks that come with these products. For this reason, we have also created a special report that offers a deep dive into the theft of high-value loads. We hope our infographic and special report help keep your cargo secure as you navigate new and evolving US cargo theft risks in 2024.

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Mexico Fall 2023 Cargo Theft Report

Overhaul continuously monitors cargo theft in Mexico to provide decision-makers with the quarterly
variations regarding criminal activity, with the aim of supporting prevention strategies designed by
companies and mitigating risks.

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Cover of Brazil Cargo Theft Report Q3-2023 with graphs.

Brazil Fall 2023 Cargo Theft Report

According to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Brazil has been experiencing economic growth since the first quarter of 2023, which has boosted the country’s transportation sector. Around 67% of shipments are transported via road, which remains Brazil’s main
mode for cargo movement.

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