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A smooth shipment creation process is a pivotal step along your shipment’s journey. If shipment information is missing or incorrectly logged, that can mean problems for delivery. Fortunately, tools like Overhaul’s Shipment Connect app are making it easier to create, update, and manage your shipments. This enables an overall better, faster, and more efficient shipment experience from beginning to end.  

What to expect from shipment creation tools 

When creating shipments, it’s important that the right stakeholders have access to your shipment data. You’ll also want to ensure that your data is accurate, timely, and easy to understand. However, none of this can come at the expense of security. This is why it’s also worth investing in apps with verification tools such as driver departure interview (DDI) protocols.  

In this way, shipment creation isn’t just about logging information but also planning for what comes next. For this reason, a shipment creation tool should be part of a holistic risk and visibility strategy–like Overhaul’s. 

Overhaul’s Shipment Connect app 

Overhaul’s Shipment Connect app integrates shipment information with trackable data sources, such as IoT tracking devices or telematics. This offers warehouse operatives more efficient processes for capturing and updating their latest onsite shipment data. The app then performs security verification steps to safeguard shipments prior to departure.  

Shipment Connect requires little to no code while providing both security and quality assurance. And because it’s available in 21 different languages, it’s perfect for global operations. 

Shipment Connect’s new features 

Recently, our team redesigned Shipment Connect to be more intuitive and user-friendly. For example, we’ve updated the homepage and simplified the process for assigning devices. New account settings have also been added to help users personalize their experience. They can now choose between light and dark themes and select their preferred time format. 

Users can also add multiple reference numbers and pair shipments with our Intelligent Door Seal Solution devices. This makes it simple to set up, search for, and identify shipments. The process for creating routes and assigning them has improved as well, as users can create and name new routes while on the move. 

Quick access to device data provides a summary of details for easier verification of device performance. This includes the total number of assigned devices, the number that are currently reporting, and the device with the lowest reporting battery life. Additionally, the driver departure interview verification process now has the ability to capture even more contextual information from drivers transporting the shipments. 

Overall, these new features provide our customers with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, thereby making shipment creation and management more efficient and effective. 

Creating a smoother shipment creation process 

Overhaul is different on purpose, and we’re constantly updating and evolving our offerings to meet user needs. Our changes to Shipment Connect will ensure a safer, more compliant, and more streamlined shipment journey.  

Learn more about the benefits of Shipment Connect. 


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