Intelligence Alert: Independence Day​

Intelligence Alert: Independence Day​

Manage a greater risk of cargo theft on Tuesday July, 4 2023

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Danny Ramon

Intelligence & Response Manager

Intelligence Alert: Independence Day

Date: 06/26/2023 

Location: United States 

Incident:  Holiday Awareness (Independence Day) 

As Independence Day approaches on Tuesday, July 4, shippers across the United States should be aware and plan accordingly for limited holiday hours over the long holiday weekend and how it may affect their shipments. 

This year, the holiday falls on a Tuesday, meaning many locations may also be closed on Monday the 3rd. As such, holiday hours of operations for all receiving facilities should be confirmed before loads scheduled to deliver early next week are allowed to depart. Thieves know that cargo will be left unattended for extended durations during this time and will use the opportunity to obtain targeted and high value merchandise. 

In years past long holiday weekends have recorded cargo theft rates significantly higher than the rest of the year. During Independence Day holidays of the last 5 years, Overhaul recorded an average theft rate of 2.7 thefts per day, a 17% spike over typical theft rates. During the same time frame, Independence Day holidays had an average theft value of $178,820, totaling over $2.5M. 

Over the last five Independence days, Overhaul has recorded

2.7 thefts per day

which represents a 17% spike over typical theft rates.


Of note in 2023 is the prevalence of strategic thefts being practiced in all parts of the country. Organized cargo theft crews are practicing fraudulent and deceptive methods to obtain freight under the guise of legitimate business, and a holiday weekend can provide a longer lead time before the theft is discovered.  

Distribution centers and warehouses will also be targeted more aggressively during this time as the extended holiday often means limited if not zero operations and less security staff. The extended holiday can provide a longer lead time before the discovery of a break in as well.  

Shippers of targeted cargo, such as consumer electronics, high end clothing and footwear, solar equipment, alcohol, and cost dense food items should be especially diligent in preparing for the upcoming holiday period.  

Overhaul's Recommendation:

In addition to thoroughly vetting all brokers, carriers, and drivers, and documenting all necessary details for each shipment, shippers should confirm in advance if the receiver’s hours of operation will be affected by the holiday and adjust any schedules as needed to avoid unnecessary staging. For over the road shipments, any stops made over the holiday period should be in well lit, secured areas with trailer doors backed to a solid surface, if possible, while facilities should ensure all security systems are functioning properly. Immediate escalation with a path to effectively engage law enforcement is critical to recovering stolen cargo.

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