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Rail Pilferage, Arrest, and Recovery

Overhaul recommends that shippers of targeted and high demand or high value products over rail employ as many visibility solutions as able. The ability to pinpoint the location and time of theft enables coordination and cooperation of the appropriate Law Enforcement entities and can be the crucial pieces of data that allow Law Enforcement to be successful.

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Driving Exploitation – Examining Human Trafficking in the European Union and its Trucking Industry

The European Union’s role as a political and economic bloc allows its member states to have a freer flow of goods and people, which. largely benefits from greater trade and economic cooperation between them via the Schengen Area and its lack of border controls. By the same token, it also provides opportunities for criminal organisations that use the free flow of goods to evade the legal system across the EU and within its member states.

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Cover of the 2023 Brazil Annual Cargo Theft Report, featuring charts from inside.

Brazil Annual Report 2023

In 2023, Brazil’s economic results exceeded the forecasts of both experts and the government. The projected inflation rate was 5.42%, yet Brazil closed the year at 4.62%. The basic interest rate (SELIC)
was projected to be 12.25% but wound up being 11.75%.

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Global Threat Assessment 2023

Overhaul, a global leader in supply chain risk management, utilizes cutting-edge technology and expert intelligence to empower customers with the tools they need for rapid decision-making and risk mitigation. Continuing its collaborative position in the supply chain risk management market, the Overhaul Intelligence Center presents the 2023 edition of the Global Cargo Theft Risk Assessment

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Mexico Fall 2023 Cargo Theft Report

Overhaul continuously monitors cargo theft in Mexico to provide decision-makers with the quarterly
variations regarding criminal activity, with the aim of supporting prevention strategies designed by
companies and mitigating risks.

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