Incident: Full Truckload Pharmaceutical Theft / Increased Activity

Photo of a law enforcement car in the dark.

Incident: Full Truckload Pharmaceutical Theft / Increased Activity

A confirmed pharma FTL theft in Florida

Picture of Danny Ramon
Danny Ramon

Intelligence & Response Manager

Confirmed Theft

Date: 06/01/2023

Location: Florida
Incident: Full Truckload Pharmaceutical Theft / Increased
Overhaul has learned of a recent FTL theft of pharmaceutical product form an unsecured location in Orlando, FL. The shipment had originated in New Jersey and was destined for Florida. This theft marks the first FTL pharma theft in the U.S. reported in over a year and further highlights the continued increasing threat of cargo theft in North America. Florida Highway Patrol has confirmed to Overhaul that I95 from Jacksonville to Daytona Beach and I4 from Daytona through Orlando and into Tampa are seeing increased levels of cargo theft activity. Stopping or staging in these highrisk areas is not currently advised. Any shipments with destinations within Florida should proceed directly to delivery location when they will be permitted entry, avoiding the need to stage near delivery.
Overhaul advises shippers of pharmaceutical products to remain vigilant for signs of surveillance at their origin facilities. Additionally, drivers should be alert for any indications of being followed. Drivers should also maintain communication with dispatch and/or remote monitoring center when traveling through or stopping in a highrisk area. Contextual intelligence, real time visibility, and an immediate escalation path with network enabled law enforcement engagement are critical to identifying and recovering stolen cargo.

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