Incident: Dramatic Increase in Strategic Thefts in Kentucky

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Incident: Dramatic Increase in Strategic Thefts in Kentucky

Intelligence & Response Manager
Intelligence & Response Manager

CEO & Founder at Overhaul

Overhaul recommends that shippers of targeted and high demand or high value products be extremely thorough in vetting brokers and carriers in their network, as well as documenting all drivers, tractors, and trailers that arrive to pick up cargo with thorough pictures that include all identifying markings on the tractor/trailer, as well as the driver and his CDL.

Date: 09/13/2023
Location: Kentucky

Through communication with the Kentucky State Police (KSP), Overhaul has learned of an alarming increase in the prevalence of strategic double brokering / redirected load
thefts in Kentucky.

Strategic thefts in Kentucky have seen a significant spike in activity in recent weeks. The KSP Vehicle Investigation Branch has opened 12 active cases since August 1 of this year.

What appear to be, at minimum, two crews are double brokering loads through legitimate trucking companies who arrive to pick up the shipment at origin or to pick up from another legitimate short haul driver, who are then instructed of a new delivery location. Multiple shipments have been redirected to California and Chicago.

These carriers are typically unaware that they have been hired by a criminal broker/carrier, believing that it is simply one leg in a multi-driver journey. In many cases, these legitimate carriers are also the victim, as they are never paid
for redirected loads. Current targets are primarily liquor, with some energy drinks as well, though as those targets harden others will be identified and exploited. The Louisville area is well known to cargo thieves as a shipping hub for consumer electronics, and these products are likely to be targeted as well.

Additionally, a single shipper of copper has recently suffered six strategic thefts valued near $2 million. Working with a network of Law Enforcement contacts, KSP has been able to facilitate recoveries of beverages and copper beyond the
state lines of Kentucky.


12 active cases

opened by KSP since August 1, 2023

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