Incident:  Full Truckload Energy Drink Recovery  

Incident:  Full Truckload Energy Drink Recovery  

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Danny Ramon

Intelligence & Response Manager

Overhaul advises shippers of pharmaceutical products to remain vigilant for signs of surveillance at their origin facilities. Additionally, drivers should be alert for any indications of being followed.  Drivers should also maintain communication with dispatch and/or remote monitoring center when traveling through or stopping in a high-risk area.  Contextual intelligence, remote compliance monitoring, real time visibility, and an immediate escalation with a path to effective law enforcement engagement are critical to recognizing and recovering stolen cargo.

Incident: Full Truckload Energy Drink Recovery

Date: 07/24/2023 

Location: Biloxi, Mississippi  

Last week, Overhaul enacted a recovery on a full truckload of energy drinks stolen from Biloxi, Mississippi.  

The shipment was reported stolen on July 20, having been stolen from a truck stop after being left unattended while the drivers went in for food and fuel. It appears that the shipment was followed form origin in Texas, nearly 400 miles away.  

Overhaul’s LE Connect contacted the Biloxi Police Department and the Harrison County Sheriff to assist in the search for the stolen shipment, providing real time locations as well as shipment photos and associated details through the Risk Monitoring platform.  

Biloxi PD located the tractor, which had been disconnected from the trailer, nearby the theft location. Overhaul’s LE Connect team provided the location information for the trailer to the Harrison Country Sheriff.  

Less than 40 minutes from Overhaul’s LE Connect team being notified of the theft, the trailer was located, fully loaded, at another truck stop several miles west in Gulfport, MS. The trailer appears to have been dropped for observation before being repowered and taken to its new destination. No arrests were made, and this crew is still at large.  

Overhaul’s LE Connect team would like to recognize the Biloxi PD and the Harrison County SO for their hard work in recovering this shipment.   

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