Overhaul Stops Theft Of $1M Worth of Cargo in Tennessee

There has been a significant increase in cargo theft incidents since the global pandemic began in 2020, especially in the state of Tennessee. Tennessee is North America’s most recent hot spot for cargo theft and is considered to be one of the four most affected states in the United States. Many organized groups behind these robberies are using the illegal proceeds to fund their criminal operations, and unfortunately, thieves struck again last week – well, almost. Overhaul’s Intelligence and Response Team stepped in and facilitated the recovery of almost $1M worth of stolen electronic goods from a prominent Fortune 500 company.

On Wednesday, August 18th, a truck driver stopped at the Pilot truck stop in Gordonsville, Tennessee for about ten minutes to shower. When she returned to her truck, it was nowhere to be found.

Overhaul’s Intelligence and Response Team was activated, and within minutes had organized a response between local and state law enforcement. The shipment was recovered later that afternoon through Overhaul’s real-time transportation visibility platform about 20 miles away from the theft location. The electronics were intact, and the team proceeded to haul the shipment to the destination without delay.

The prominent Fortune 500 organization would be at a potential loss if it wasn’t for the partnership developed with Overhaul’s Intelligence and Response team. Overhaul’s Intelligence and Response Team is focused on managing risks and providing security solutions to multimodal shipments. With the secure link to pertinent shipping details and location tracking, Overhaul’s LE Connect mobile application can provide law enforcement with instant and shareable links to all shipment data to aid in any real-time active recovery. “Our team supports our clients with risk prevention and protection for all layers of the supply chain. We pride ourselves in having top-tier intel and the ability to support them when they need it most”, says Joe Ryan, Director of Intelligence and Response for Overhaul.

In an era of supply shortages as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, cargo theft has created more vulnerabilities within large organizations rather than just the manufacturers and transportation companies. The consumers end up paying the price by having even less access to the goods than they did in the first place. With the right partners, intel, and research of trends in theft – organizations can prevent these more frequent instances from occurring in the first place.

About Overhaul’s Intelligence and Response Team:

Overhaul’s Intelligence and Response Team provides shipment information directly to the responding law enforcement officers via LE Connect. LE Connect sends real-time tracking, pictures, and data directly to the officer’s smartphone streamlining communication and providing critical information directly in the hands of those who need it most. To learn more, visit www.overhaulstage.wpengine.com.

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