The Power of Collaboration

In today’s world, you cannot afford to have any outside force compromise the integrity of your pharmaceutical shipments. This is why J.B. Hunt and Overhaul have teamed up to provide your customers with an industry-leading security solution. 

Unlocking Solutions Through Collective Collaboration

The combined efforts between J.B. Hunt and Overhaul allow high-value/high-risk loads to be protected much more effectively.

Our goals are to add value to your organization and protect your shipments through:

Strategic Alliance

built on customized workflows to your standards of care and with a shared commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. 

Actionable Insights and Complete Cargo Visibility

to drive shipment compliance from origin through delivery. 

24/7 monitoring

with watch officers ready to alert and act on any risks and excursions around-the-clock for efficient communication, proactive security, and greater compliance.

LE Connect

real-time sharing of pertinent information on stolen freight with local law enforcement and global cargo theft task forces to assist in active cargo theft recovery.

Real-time risk management

Single Unified View for All:

  • Live shipment locations (including air and ocean)
  • Delay alerts
  • Real-time temperature & humidity readings
  • Shipment delivery notifications
  • Shipment integrity
  • Chain of custody

Different on purpose

What Makes Our Combined Offering Unique?

The collaboration between Overhaul and J.B. Hunt combines the knowledge and experience of two industry leaders to provide customers with next-level security for their pharmaceutical shipments. Get the reliable capacity you need with access to J.B. Hunt’s multimodal service offerings, dedicated security teams and thorough carrier vetting process powered by Overhaul’s real-time intelligence and risk mitigation platform.

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