How a Global LSP Accelerated Onboarding & Building Strong Customer Trust

A global logistics service provider faced FTL thefts in their network, causing loss of cargo and risking customer relationships. Even though they had established driver protocols, they lacked a method to verify if drivers comprehended the guidelines or if they were even informed about them. The bigger hurdle was figuring out the appropriate course of action upon confirming a theft. They recognized the necessity for a prompt and effective solution that could safeguard their cargo during transit and, above all, provide customers with reassurance.

After falling victim to a spate of four thefts totaling millions of dollars in cargo and even greater impact to their end customers, a Fortune 500 consumer electronics company knew they needed to improve cargo security on their Mexican lanes.

The results speak for themselves:

Total program compliance achieved & maintained
Sites onboard in two weeks

"From implementation of their cargo security program, to their ongoing support to evolve our cargo security program in Mexico, Overhaul continues to be a great partner to our org."

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