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Joint Press Announcement | CalAmp & Overhaul

IRVINE, Calif, OCT. 11, 2018 — CalAmp (Nasdaq: CAMP), a technology solutions pioneer leading transformation in a global connected economy, today announced its partnership with Overhaul Group, Inc., a  supply chain integrity solutions company, to provide end-to-end, real-time supply chain visibility for global transportation service providers (TSPs) and shippers.

According to a 2017 survey by GEODIS, only 6 percent of 623 supply chain professionals across 17 countries think they have adequate supply chain visibility. Of those respondents, seventy percent consider their supply chain as either very or extremely complex. Globalization and digitization of supply chains, combined with rising customer demand for higher product availability and transparency, make supply chain visibility a top priority for TSPs.  The technologies that CalAmp and Overhaul offer enable TSPs and shippers to gain invaluable, real-time insights into their global supply chains in order to mitigate risk, achieve competitive advantages and increase profitability.

“Leveraging CalAmp’s highly sophisticated telematics cloud and sensor technology with our artificial intelligence and predictive analytics software, we can merge GPS monitoring, environmental and driver data, and fleet management into a single view that provides real-time operational and risk intelligence,” said Barry Conlon, chief executive and founder of Overhaul. “Our modern supply chain solution informs operators about what is actually happening versus what they think is happening, which can help businesses reduce their risk exposure and save money.”

With the integration of CalAmp’s Telematics Cloud (CTC) and smart sensor technologies, Overhaul is delivering multiple connection points to a shipment through a single, unified software management solution that is designed to trigger corrective actions and critical supply chain insights. By connecting trucks, trailers and high-value cargo using CalAmp telematics technology, supply chain operators now have access to a plethora of sensor data such as location, temperature, shock and vibration. That data can be vetted through a shipper’s unique standards of care via Overhaul’s platform and pushed to the person(s) most responsible for maintaining the integrity of a load, all in real time. This granular information enables more informed decision making regarding logistics, security and operations.

“The traditional process using USB data loggers requiring manual steps and delayed reporting at the end of the shipment is too slow and expensive in this era of the modern supply chain,” said Paul Washicko, senior vice president and general manager of CalAmp’s Software & Subscription Services business. “With Overhaul, we provide granular visibility on in-transit goods, giving our global enterprise and TSP customers a significant business advantage by reducing risk of cargo theft and spoilage and driving operational efficiencies.”

About Overhaul

Overhaul is a supply chain integrity solutions company that allows shippers to connect disparate sources of data into the first fully transparent situational analysis engine designed for the logistics industry. The result? Data that is transformed into critical insights that can instantly trigger corrective actions, impacting everything from temperature control to handling requirements or package-level tracking, ensuring cargo arrives at its destination safely, undamaged, and on time. All active shipments, all corresponding data sources, all in real-time through a single unified view. For more information, visit

About CalAmp

CalAmp (Nasdaq: CAMP) is a technology solutions pioneer transforming the global connected economy. We help reinvent businesses and improve lives around the globe with technology solutions that streamline complex IoT deployments and bring intelligence to the edge. Our software applications, scalable cloud services, and intelligent devices collect and assess business-critical data from mobile assets, cargo, companies, cities and people. We call this The New How, powering autonomous IoT interaction, facilitating efficient decision making, optimizing resource utilization, and improving road safety. CalAmp is headquartered in Irvine, California and has been publicly traded since 1983. For more information, visit, or LinkedInTwitterYouTube, or CalAmp Blog.

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