Keelvar + Overhaul: risk mitigation and strategic sourcing 

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Commerce relies heavily on supply chains to get goods where they need to go. However, complex logistics and shipping networks can lead to a variety of challenges, including fraud and theft. Addressing these issues requires a collaborative approach that emphasizes security and strategic sourcing. Fortunately, Keelvar and Overhaul’s new partnership is offering shippers and LSPs just that. 

Keelvar’s sourcing optimization 

Keelvar is a software company that provides optimized sourcing solutions to streamline procurement processes. Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, customers can automate and enhance various procurement tasks, including supplier performance evaluations and spend analysis. 

Their user-friendly cloud software allows companies of all sizes to manage their procurement processes remotely. Keelvar’s extensive data capabilities enable companies to identify potential supply chain risks during procurement. These risks can range from noncompliance issues to fraudulent suppliers. Once these risks are identified, companies can swiftly intervene to mitigate them.

Overhaul’s risk management solutions 

Overhaul is a supply chain SaaS provider of visibility and risk mitigation solutions for in-transit shipments. We help businesses track their shipments in real-time and send immediate alerts if anything suspicious happens. These insights empower organizations to take decisive action to prevent and react to risk.  

Through our intelligence, customers better understand region and route-specific threats. They can then utilize technology such as our Intelligent Door Seal Solution to fortify their supply chains. Our vetting process also ensures that cargo is always in safe hands. And if a theft occurs, our law enforcement connections will swiftly intervene. 

By working with Keelvar’s strategic sourcing software, we’re able to provide data from procurement to destination. This enables companies to identify alternative suppliers, reroute shipments, and more generally respond to risk. In turn, they encounter fewer delays and disruptions and are better equipped to navigate and respond to the unexpected. 

Why our partnership is a boon for strategic sourcing and security 

Strategic sourcing and risk mitigation solutions are critical components for supply chain safety. By partnering together, Keelvar and Overhaul are supplying companies with the vigilance, insights, and adaptability they need to securely transport cargo.  

However, safer transportation isn’t the only advantage of our partnership. From less costly sourcing processes to more effective insights, we’re able to ensure on-time, in-full deliveries. This preserves stakeholder trust, improves customer relationships, and more generally helps companies establish themselves as reliable brands. 

In short, with our help, businesses are better able to spot threats before they evolve into something worse. They’re also able to respond to theft and fraud events swiftly and decisively. As a result, they can better meet KPIs, save money, and overall enhance operations. 

In the ever-changing landscape of supply chains, cooperation is crucial to ensure the safety of the global economy. Learn more about Overhaul’s partnerships or reach out today to see how our solutions can help your business. 

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