Incident:  Full Truckload Infant Formula Recovery  

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Incident:  Full Truckload Infant Formula Recovery  

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Danny Ramon

Intelligence & Response Manager

Overhaul recommends that shippers of targeted cargo verify the operating hours of receiving facilities to ensure that freight does not have to sit idle waiting for the opportunity to deliver. Shippers should also keep thorough documentation that includes photos from origin of the driver, the CDL, the back of the trailer with seal affixed (seal number visible), tractor and trailer identifying markings and license plates, and BOL. Additionally, drivers of targeted cargo should also be vigilant for suspicious activity, such as vehicles following for long distances.  

Incident: Full Truckload Infant Formula Recovery

Date: 07/05/2023 

Location:  Mississauga, Ontario, Canada  

Overhaul recently enacted a recovery on a full truckload of stolen infant formula in Canada.  

The shipment was reported stolen on July 4, having been stolen from the carrier’s yard over the weekend.  

Overhaul’s LE Connect contacted cargo theft specific contacts at Peel Regional Police to assist in the search for the stolen trailer, providing real time locations as well as shipment photos and associated details through the Risk Monitoring platform accessible to Law Enforcement on the ground.   

The trailer was recovered with the load intact late on July 4, thanks to the persistence of the Peel Regional Police. The trailer had been backed up to a loading bay at a large receiving facility, a common tactic according to local Law Enforcement.  

Remote compliance monitoring and an immediate escalation with a path to effective law enforcement engagement are critical to recognizing and recovering stolen cargo. 

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