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Brazil Annual Report 2022

Learn about Brazil’s cargo theft trends from 2022 and what they mean for your shipments today. 

Image featuring the text, "Brazil Annual Report 2022." It includes a photo of a city in Brazil and a graph from the report.

Cargo theft in Brazil continues to disrupt and harm various industries, from Food and Beverage to Electronics. The country has been at the center of an increase in criminal activity, which threatens to worsen in 2023. 

Overhaul’s latest report analyzes Brazil’s 2022 cargo theft trends in order to better understand
which locations, times of day, and days of the week pose the greatest threat to cargo. We also
conducted an indepth analysis of thefts in the Southeast region and stopped unit theft.

With this information, shippers can better plan their routes and outfit their carrier with the risk
monitoring solutions they need to stay protected. Read our Brazil cargo theft report to gain a better understanding
of 2022 cargo theft trends in Brazil, how these trends are influencing 2023, and what you can
do to keep your shipments safe.

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