Keelvar + Overhaul: risk mitigation and strategic sourcing 

Keelvar and Overhaul's logos along with people working at computers.

Commerce relies heavily on supply chains to get goods where they need to go. However, complex logistics and shipping networks can lead to a variety of challenges, including fraud and theft. Addressing these issues requires a collaborative approach that emphasizes security and strategic sourcing. Fortunately, Keelvar and Overhaul’s new partnership is offering shippers and LSPs just that.  […]

How to keep your cargo secure at the 2024 Paris Olympics 

Man running in the Olympics.

The Olympics is a time when nations come together in camaraderie and friendly competition. As athletes set their eyes on the gold, Overhaul maintains a watchful eye over potential risks.   Paris’ influx of participants and sports enthusiasts will mean more cargo traffic and thieves. Political and environmental factors could also pose challenges for drivers and […]

E-commerce in Brazil: a growing target for cargo theft

Three friends sit around two laptops, representing the rise in e-commerce in Brazil.

E-commerce has become a cornerstone of the global economy, driving significant growth and innovation in various sectors. In Brazil, online shopping has revolutionized consumer behavior and expanded market reach, fostering economic development. However, this rapid expansion also presents technological and logistical challenges for supply chains. In other words, as e-commerce in Brazil grows, so too […]

Understanding theft patterns in the Mexican state of Puebla

Since 2022, Puebla, Mexico has presented average annual increases of 40% in cargo theft. Before 2019, it experienced more theft than any other state in Mexico. In the five years since, its concentration of theft has been the second highest. However, the steady increase in cargo theft in the state could soon land it back […]

Why is high-value cargo targeted for theft?

A truck carrying high-value cargo with shipping containers nearby.

As 2024 continues, cargo theft trends are becoming more apparent, strategic, and dangerous. These trends often mimic and escalate patterns we’ve seen in previous years. In the case of the US, one such pattern involves the targeting of high-value loads. These loads are of special interest to criminals, who have much to gain from a […]

TransImpact + Overhaul: fighting parcel fraud

Blog showing Overhaul and TransImpact's logos over background of a winding road.

Thanks to the explosion of e-commerce, parcel shipping has become a key part of business operations. However, the increase in online shopping has led to a rise in parcel fraud, package theft, and other types of scams.   Addressing parcel fraud requires innovative solutions like TransImpact’s Parcel Spend Intelligence. This cutting-edge technology platform harnesses data analytics […]

Overhaul’s tool for streamlined shipment creation

Image of trucks with text overlayed saying "Product Spotlight: Overhaul's Shipment Connect." Beneath that is an image of our shipment creation tool.

A smooth shipment creation process is a pivotal step along your shipment’s journey. If shipment information is missing or incorrectly logged, that can mean problems for delivery. Fortunately, tools like Overhaul’s Shipment Connect app are making it easier to create, update, and manage your shipments. This enables an overall better, faster, and more efficient shipment […]

10 questions to include in your carrier vetting process

A man holds a clipboard in front of the truck as he conducts the carrier vetting process.

In a world rife with strategic theft, noncompliance, and other risks, vetting carriers is an essential step for shippers. However, many companies lack the tools they need to ensure that their carriers and drivers fit their needs. Worse, these companies are usually unable to identify false carriers/drivers and prevent theft by fraud. Fortunately, a simple carrier […]

Truckstop + Overhaul: your defense against double brokering

Blue background saying "New Partner" with text in middle showing Overhaul and Truckstop's logos.

In the dynamic world of freight logistics, security and integrity are paramount. As double brokering and cargo theft continue to rise, the safety of high-value shipments has become a top priority for both carriers and shippers. In response to these challenges, industry leaders like Truckstop and Overhaul have implemented innovative strategies to safeguard the supply […]

Overhaul’s white paper on theft by deception

Cover of Overhaul's theft by deception white paper, including the words "A Strategic Solution to Strategic Theft: Overhaul's guide to identifying and preventing theft by fraud"

  Theft by deception, aka theft by fraud or strategic theft, is a growing problem for supply chains. Different from straight theft, strategic theft involves skilled criminals using deception and highly planned, coordinated attacks in order to steal cargo. Unfortunately, many shippers remain unaware of what these crimes look like and how to prevent them. […]

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